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The treehouse and the natural setting in which it is situated. The Baltic has been meticulously planned down to each and every detail.



We could not have hoped for a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday; the record player, the books, and the wood-fired hot tub were all wonderful touches.


And Cam are without a doubt the most amazing hosts we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you choose to spend your weekend break at The Baltic, you will not be let down in any manner.


The bed sheets were of the highest quality, but in all honesty, so were all of the other items in the room. Although it rained during our stay, the treehouse was even more inviting because to the precipitation.


It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to stay in such a wonderful home complete with meticulous arrangement that create an intimate setting.


The treehouse is just breathtaking, and to be honest, I’ve never been to a more peculiar home. This treehouse exceeded all of our expectations in every way.


The experience was flawlessly executed, and the level of attention that went into each and every facility was impressive.


The Baltic treehouse has such a soothing ambience, it is a stunning and one-of-a-kind site, and it is the ideal spot for a peaceful weekend getaway.

The Treehouse is ideally suited for a married couple.




A bedroom area and a porch that is covered can be reached through the winding staircase.


This secluded and wooded area has a multitude of one-of-a-kind amenities, including private parking, an outdoor kitchen and eating area equipped with a charcoal grill, refrigerator, and microwave, a fire pit, hot and cold running water, and outdoor lighting.


The fire pit may be found just beyond the footbridge that crosses the stream that runs through the area.


This was such a wonderful place to stay! In celebration of our anniversary, we stayed in Saratoga for the weekend.


The tree house was immaculately tidy, and the decorator had given careful consideration to each and every element.


The treehouse offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place to relax after a day spent exploring the surrounding forest.


Every single aspect was given a significant amount of consideration. This was without a doubt my favorite place to stay.


The tree home was fantastic both to stay in and to look at. It was truly remarkable. A really unique structure that provides access to a wide variety of facilities that may be enjoyed outside, such as a hammock, an outdoor fire pit that is adjacent, and outdoor seating.


This treehouse provided a delightful escapade from the monotony of daily life, making it simple for us to unwind and rest during our stay.


This treehouse lived up to its reputation as a stunning getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. It looked exactly as it did in the photos.


The experience of sleeping in a treehouse was by far one of the most enjoyable places to do so, since it provided the opportunity to be in nature and to be surrounded by trees and birds.


The treehouse was crafted with a great deal of affection and careful consideration for every last detail. Our time there was quite enjoyable to us.


Private, high-end Treehouse with sauna





The woods serve as your inspiration. Indulge in the restorative benefits of a eucalyptus sauna for your entire body.

The outdoor shower, read a book, challenge your friends to a game of Scrabble, colour, or write, or stargaze.


This treehouse is 450 square feet of interior space with vaulted ceilings that are sixteen feet high and a lofted sitting area. Additional outdoor space measuring several hundred square feet that is solely reserved for your own personal usage!


The treehouse can be found on a property that also features four tiny. Your privacy was a primary concern during the planning stages of RAVEN’S ROOST.


It can only be reached by going around to the rear of the property, which none of the other guests will be able to do.


We do not accommodate guests with children or pets and we do not permit loud music or parties.


The treehouse was constructed with sustainability, longevity, and a conscientious choice for the usage of passive energy, as well as the use of recyclable and recycled materials whenever they were available.


You have exclusive usage of the treehouse, including the entirety of its interior as well as its external spaces. Feel free to wander about in the woods as much as you like. You are free to stroll around the entire site at your leisure.


The ideal location for getting away from it all and unwinding in the middle of the woods.


The tree house has really elegant furnishings and decorations, so you won’t feel out of place there and will be able to relax easily.

The Treehouse in the Woods




If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live in a treehouse in the middle of the forest right next to the ocean, then you’ve come to the right location!


Our time there was quite enjoyable! Every single member of the staff was really kind and helpful.

Even though the distance to town was rather considerable and there were no bikes available for hire, we really enjoyed being right in the middle of the jungle.


The Nomads Tree Lodge was wonderful in every way. The cabin was tidy, secluded, and set in a natural setting all around it. An experience that comes only once in a lifetime!


The lodge and the cabin are both lovely places to spend time at Bocas, and the cabin is the greatest spot to enjoy yourself there.


It is a quiet and tranquil spot to stay in the jungle, and yet it is only a short distance from the beach and a half an hour’s bike ride from Bocas Town.


The pool was pleasant, and the opportunity to see various birds and animals was soothing to the spirit.


The property’s one-of-a-kind woodland location and design come with the caveat that amenities like restaurants and laundromats are only a fifteen-minute walk away, but I didn’t mind at all because I was there for the experience.


The tree house community is a mystical place! It was wonderful to be so completely surrounded by the forest, and our hut had all the comforts of a real home.


The tree houses offer a fantastic level of service in addition to stunning views of the surrounding jungle.


The La Selva staff provides an experience that is community-focused and adventure-oriented, and this location is the greatest place to stay on the island.

The treehouse is ideally suited for a married couple.



The windows have blackout pleats and, in the warmer months, we cover them with mosquito netting.

All the magic, from nighttime animal noises to morning bird songs to snacking on ants left at the top of the spring, comes straight from the forest.

The forest does not answer to humans and operates autonomously.

There may be noise emanating from a nearby training facility or the passage of a tractor through a nearby village during the warmer months.

There are no pedestrians, and the area is very quiet; you won’t be able to hear your summertime neighbors playing disco-polo.

The natural backdrop was beautiful, and the tranquility of the Polish village was much welcomed.

It’s the perfect place to get away from it all. Hosts that go out of their way to make guests feel at home and who are also sensitive to their need for personal space.

The house is clean, cozy, and charming; the neighborhood offers great hiking and camping opportunities; and the surrounding area is peaceful and beautiful.

This was our second year at the same resort, and our second year in a row of getting away unscathed. A sanctuary from the bustle and noise of the outside world. It’s a tranquil spot that serves as a convenient jumping-off point for excursions around the basin.

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