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Welcome to Tiny House There is a world of modern elegance and calm surroundings that can be discovered inside our property, and we kindly invite the individuals who live in our tiny house to walk into this world.


It is the outside, which is created in a gorgeous combination of white and cream tones, that sets the tone for the inside, which has a contemporary style that is just waiting to be explored. The interior is just waiting to be explored.

The Living Room

The contemporary interior will unfold before you as soon as you arrive, presenting a living room, kitchen, and dining area that are all seamlessly integrated into one another via the use of seamless integration.

The open-plan design, which optimizes both the amount of functional space and the amount of space that is accessible, results in the creation of a focal center that serves as a focal point for activities that take place regularly.


The kitchen, which is impeccably ornamented with white worktops, adds to the overall look of the room’s decoration by giving the impression of elegance and simplicity.

Because they both offer a calm haven where one may relax and replenish their batteries, the two bedrooms in the small tiny house are the most crucial component of the residence.


Because they both provide a sense of rest and regeneration, this is the case. In each of the two rooms, there are big double beds, which contribute to the construction of an environment that is conducive to a night of restful sleep.

The Kitchen

Not only will you find several gorgeous pieces of masonry and woodwork in the kitchen, but you will also find everything that is required for the production of straightforward meals for the family.

In this room, the fixtures that have been installed as well as the appliances that have been positioned against the backdrop of the rural surroundings have left us in a state of amazement.

Additionally, we express our admiration for the appliances that are made of stainless steel.


A further element that contributes to the overall appearance of the kitchen is the presence of counters that are rather extensive in width.

The fact that there is a substantial amount of storage space available for things like cookware, silverware, tableware, and pantry supplies is something that we like. In addition, there are a large number of nooks that may be used for the occasion of food preparation.

The Dining Area of the Tiny House

In addition, there is a fireplace that is conveniently located on the front wall of the dining area, which is something that we believe to be quite inviting.

tiny house

A location that is ideal for a warm and inviting lunch with the family during the winter months of the year, or for an evening spent playing games around the table, and that is appropriate for both of these activities.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This low-cost small home with two beds is a celebration of modern life. Location and outside attractiveness are two of the most important parts of contemporary living, and this tiny house is a celebration of modern living.

To create a stylish and comfortable escape from the outside world, it is necessary to combine the many components of contemporary interior design in the most effective way possible.

tiny house

The thorough selection of contemporary conveniences that have been included in the bedrooms indicates a dedication to both design and comfort via the implementation of these elements.

You will certainly have a life experience that is well-rounded and balanced if you do this.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

There is no question in my mind that the aspect of this tiny house that we like the most is the bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom.

tiny house

As an illustration of true luxury, consider the presence of a clawfoot soaking tub made of copper that is positioned in one of the many corners of the room.

Having the opportunity to take a shower every day in the enormous tiled shower that is located only around the corner from where you would typically do so is a convenient option.

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