The Best Log Cabin Woods Surrounded By Forest

Nestled discreetly within the stunning log cabin natural surroundings of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is where you’ll find the Fox Woods Lodge.

This breathtaking log cabin community can be found just outside of Traverse City, which is regarded as one of the most gorgeous tourist sites in the state, and is only a few minutes away from Lake Michigan.


If you want to investigate how a log cabin can feel both classic and modern at the same time, this is the right design for you to explore that possibility with.

The Exterior

The lovely homes that Wood Haven Log creates include a great number of others in addition to this one, which serves only as an illustration.

This home distinguishes out from other modern log cabins due to its classic log cabin style, its accents of rough stone, and the natural beauty of the area in which it is situated.


One of the characteristics of the house that stands out the most is undoubtedly this breathtaking stone fireplace and chimney that was constructed by hand by the owner.

The chimney is located against the back wall of the house and can be accessible from both the primary living space of the house as well as the balcony, which provides breathtaking views of the Michigan countryside.

The Porch

In this particular construction, chimney spacers are constructed on both the interior of the home as well as the exterior of the house.

This is one of the aspects of the job that particularly impresses us, and it is also one of the reasons why we are impressed with the total performance.

The homeowner will never again be required to be concerned about these components of the home’s underlying infrastructure.


The elegance of the log cabin is enhanced not only by the use of pine wood, but also by the high-quality windows, doors, and accents that are spread throughout the structure.

This breathtaking location may be found in northern Michigan, a little distance north of Traverse City.

Because it contains chinking spacers not only on the exterior but also on the interior, it ensures that the homeowner will never have to touch it again after the construction process is over.


The Front Porch

The front of the house is equally as attractive as the rest of the property, even though its layout is more straightforward than the rest of the property.

There is only a small porch and entry here when you drive up, but you more than make up for that on the backside of the property with the walk-out basement and the extended balcony that is positioned outside the living room.


This more than makes up for the fact that there is only a small porch and entry here when you drive up. The living room provides access to both of these amenities at the same time.

The Inside

The front door of the house opens directly into the center of the living space after a person is already inside the dwelling.

The fireplace sits in the center of the room, and comfortable couches and armchairs have been put there to create a frame around it.

log cabin


The hearth is the focal point of the space. Shelving, tables, and of course the entertainment center are located on either side of the room;

However, the feature of this house that is the most spectacular is the rear wall of windows that opens up onto a balcony.

This room’s shelving, tables, and entertainment center are located on either side of the room. That can’t be topped by anything else in the whole wide world; it’s already the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen!

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

After entering the entrance, you will see a set of stairs on the left side of the building right in front of you. These stairs lead both downstairs to the chamber in the basement and upstairs to the sleeping quarters.

When you first enter the log cabin, you are greeted by a fantastic view of the back of the home as well as the log cabin’s traditional log design, both of which are features that we think to be quite charming.

log cabin


When you first enter the log cabin, you are treated to a wonderful view of the rear of the home as well as the log cabin’s typical log style.

Take a good look at those extremely stunning stairwells. The finish, which does not hide the natural splendor of the wood but rather highlights it, as well as the half-log steps that have been incorporated into this, have both left us in a state of utter wonder.

The Downstairs of the Log Cabin

When observed from this vantage point, the wood and finish appear to have a look that is closer to their natural state because the light is not bouncing off of them. This is because the light is not reflecting off of them in any way, which causes this effect.

log cabin


In addition to this, doing so provides you with a first glimpse toward the front entrance, more specifically of the brickwork that surrounds the base of the wall in this particular place.

This house does an outstanding job of showcasing the natural beauty of both its location and the state as a whole by bringing parts of the outdoors inside and doing so in a tasteful manner.

The Front Door of the Log Cabin

When entering the house through the front door, you will see that the foyer is right off to the right. Doors that lead to other rooms and closets in the house are located on both sides of the foyer,

log cabin


Which features a combination of stone and wood accents. Whether you are searching for a log cabin escape or a permanent residence,

Woode Haven Log offers a complete range of customizable solutions that are designed to suit the needs of each customer. Whether you are looking for a log cabin getaway or a permanent dwelling, Woode Haven Log can help.

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