The Best Log Cabin Will Be Amazing With The Wood

You have established a great affinity for the Cambridge the best log cabin that was created by Hochstetler because of the rustic overtones that are incorporated throughout the area.

 This is because the Cambridge log cabin was designed by Hochstetler. This amazing design is not just open and airy but also contemporary all at the same time.


The walkout basement of the log cabin, which is situated on the side and is built into the slope, contributes an even bigger amount of additional square footage to the floor plan, which already benefits from this additional space.

The exterior

The log cabin Your preferred rocking chair or a tiny porch swing may find a comfortable home on the front porch, which is a warm and inviting location overall.


The fact that it extends around the house and has an open deck that is right next to the main living area is one of our favorite features.

The log cabin This creates the perfect atmosphere for a laid-back day, or even a weekend get-together complete with a BBQ!


The green color of the log cabin roof is carried over into the window and door trim as well. You can see that this porch is spacious enough to accommodate a picnic table down below.

It would also be an excellent location for your barbecue or smoker since it would provide convenient access via the French doors.


Even though all of our attention is focused on building the cabins, it is hard for us to ignore the stunning natural beauty and perspectives that are all around this place the log cabin.

This deck, as well as everything else in the backyard that it showcases, is attractive to both of us.

The Inside

You will be greeted on the inside of the house by an open floor plan that has a living area of the log cabin that wraps around the windows of the great room and a sidewall that features a stunning stone fireplace with a log mantel.

This is the perfect log cabin setting for spending an evening curled up with a nice book or movie.


The Dining room

The log cabin dining area is located behind the living area and has a generously sized table with seating on two sides.

It is basic and rustic enough to be wonderful for family dinners or even for playing board games with the kids. However, it is elegant enough to create the perfect centerpiece for a formal dining room.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The stairs leading down to the basement and up to the second level are located to the right of the dining table, and the kitchen is located directly behind the dining table.

 this side of the kitchen, the bar is a nice feature that we appreciate. It would be a wonderful spot for the kids to have breakfast in the morning!

If you go through the door that’s located at the rear of the kitchen, you’ll have access to more space, which includes a bathroom and some storage.

best log cabin


The log cabin appliances made of stainless steel provide a modern air to the space, making it an excellent choice for a home cook or professional chef who spends a lot of time in the kitchen entertaining visitors.

One of our favorite features is the extra-large range that comes equipped with six burners as well as a large oven.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms of the log cabin on the main level are warm and inviting. Ideal for a master bedroom, kids, or guest room. Windows on every side not only let in natural light but also make the space seem more cozy and inviting.

The extra bedrooms of the log cabin have a straightforward layout, yet their beauty and openness belie their plain appearance. There is sufficient room for your queen bed, in addition to a bedside table or, if you like, a chest of drawers, if you so wish.


We particularly appreciate the beautiful doors that open out into the hall these rooms have because it adds a nice touch.

Even though it is on the smaller side, particularly when compared to the other rooms, this one is still really attractive and cozy despite its size.


In addition, there are other choices, such as the one that is seen below, that provide a more open layout for the bedroom, which comes complete with windows and a greater amount of space to walk about in.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The bathrooms, despite their seeming lack of design complexity, exude elegance thanks to the use of gray countertops and trim that beautifully complement the light wood walls. Our preference is for the wire rack that is utilized to store linens since it is uncomplicated and straightforward to maintain.


The toilet is located on the other side of the room from the shower in this specific bathroom. the shower is located on one side of the room.

 A quaint nook that is separated from the main part of the space and offers seclusion and coziness.

Best Log Cabin


The Upstairs

The lofted bedroom for the children is one of the most beautiful spacious areas available on the second floor.

Bunk beds are ideal for this room, and we enjoy the tiny play area that is situated next to the additional traditional trapezoid windows.

There is enough for a bench seat under the dormer window in the lofted area on the second story, as well as some great tiny cubbies under the eaves. Another beautiful huge open space is on this level. This is an area that we like!

Best Log Cabin


The bathrooms on the second floor are built to match the rest of the home and have the same core elements that are suitable for day-to-day use.

This allows the bathrooms to be used in a manner that is consistent throughout the house.’

The Basement

The basement of this house comes in last, but certainly not last in importance. A walkout basement is always a desirable feature, and this particular one is designed to accommodate either a small living area or a den with ease.

Best Log Cabin


 This place has a lot going for it, including comfy seats and a television that is hung on the wall.

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