The Best Log Cabin Therz A Bear Rental: Cozy Beds And Views

Welcome to the big fans of these kind of vacation rentals, and the log cabin that is known as “Therz a Bear” is an excellent choice that can be found in the state of North Carolina not too far from Bryson City.


You may get some holiday ideas from this property, which is a rustic log cabin in the woods and can accommodate five people in the finest comfort. You can also reserve this property for your next trip.

The Front Porch

The views of the North Carolina mountains that can be experienced from this property are nothing short of breathtaking, making it not only the ideal location for a weekend getaway for the whole family but also an excellent chance for investment.


Bryson City is a delightful little tourist city that is log cabin to a variety of shops, restaurants, and hiking trails, all of which are just waiting for you to explore them and make use of them while you are there on your trip.

During your stay in Bryson City, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take use of these wonderful amenities.

The Living Area

The living area, dining room, and kitchen of the Therz a Bear log cabin are all elegantly merged with one another and open to one another on the main floor of the log cabin. On this level, you will be welcomed the first time you enter the log cabin after making your way inside.


The main floor bedroom and bathroom are located behind the kitchen, and there is a set of stairs going up to the loft level, where there is a further bedroom as well as a bathroom.

Additionally, there is a fireplace discretely tucked away in one of the rooms, which adds an extra dimension of comfort to the space.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

A standard floor plan and full-sized stainless steel appliances can be found in the kitchen of the corner unit that can be found on the other side of the living area from the entrance.


This log cabin’s kitchen may be found tucked away in one of the room’s corners. Both the countertop, which is made of granite, and the exterior, which is built of stone, work in conjunction with one another to provide you with a little bit more room to sit down at the island bar.

The Dining Table

In the area that is connected to both the kitchen and the living room, you will find a large dining table with sufficient seating for six people.


There is a possibility that the light that comes into the log cabin from the terrace that goes around the back and side of the property may enter via French doors as well as huge windows.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The so-called “master” bedroom can be located on the main level of the log cabin. This room offers plenty of space, allowing the rustic king-sized bed, dresser, and nightstands to fit within the room easily.


In addition, there is a chest of drawers positioned next to the window. A small television may be placed on top of the chest of drawers.

If you would want to unwind and watch a movie, this chest of drawers offers you a quiet space in which to do so if you are interested in engaging in such an activity.


The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition to the standard toilet and sink, the master bathroom, which is located on the main level, has a deep soaking tub that also has the capability of being turned into a shower.

log cabin

Even though it isn’t a very huge bathroom, there is ample space for storage shelves and other modern fixtures to be installed inside.

The Upstairs Bedroom

This specific loft is not an exception to the norm that log cabin lofts are often used as additional sleeping space since that is exactly what this loft is. Even though it does not have the conventional four walls, it does come furnished with a private toilet as well as a closet of its very own.

There is more than enough space in this area to accommodate not just the queen bed, which is seen in the picture that follows the one that comes before it, but also the twin bed, which is visible in the shot that follows the one that comes after it.

log cabin

A twin bed has been pushed up against one of the walls in this room. There are nightstands located next to each of the beds, as well as a window that can be found on the back of this bed.

Even on the hottest days of summer, the ceiling fan will ensure that there is sufficient airflow in the room for you to move about comfortably.

log cabin

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