The Best Log Cabin The Secret Getaway Of Sevierville

Welcome to Log Cabin the Blue Mountain Dream Cabin is located just 5.1 miles (8.1 kilometers) outside of the main part of Sevierville, Tennessee.


You may spend the nights at your log home vacation playing billiards or surfing the internet. Both of these activities are available to you. You are welcome to participate in either or both of these events.

The Living Area

At the Blue Mountain Dream Cabin, you will get the opportunity to experience life in a log home, which may sway you to consider adopting a similar way of life for yourself after your stay there.

The ownership of a log home is associated with a number of benefits, some of which are detailed in the list that follows.

log cabin

We are always ecstatic to find a fireplace in a cabin; but, the one in this particular property occupies a prominent location on the main floor of the house.

Even though it has a wooden mantle, the space above it might be used to mount a television, a photo of the family, or even just simple decorations like what is seen in the illustration.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

From this vantage point, you have a somewhat better view of the kitchen’s layout, which allows you to take in more details such as the stunning granite, the white cabinets, and the black appliances.

In addition, there are double doors positioned off to the side that lead out to the patio. If you look beyond those doors, you will be able to view the bathroom as well as the bedroom that is situated on the main floor.

log cabin

The kitchen provides access to a number of different perspectives of the living area, one of which is shown below. To the right of the entrance is a space-saving dining table that has enough room for three to four individuals.

You may replace this with something more formal that would be located between the places if you would prefer, or if you plan to entertain groups of people at some point in the near future.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

Guests who choose to stay in log homes have access to a wide variety of amenities during their stay. Some of these amenities include air conditioning, a hot tub, a refrigerator, ironing facilities, a microwave, a washing machine, and a flat-screen television.

log cabin

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