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You enter the log cabin for the first time on the front covered porch as you come up to the driveway, but as you can see below, there is a side drive that takes you all the way down to the walkout basement, which makes it an ideal location for a guest suite downstairs.


The Exterior of the Log Cabin

This property has a gazebo that stands out because it has not just one but two levels, in addition to a hot tub and a fire pit. This is one of the most remarkable aspects of the property.


The Addison floor plan is a conventional layout that includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms as part of its typical configuration.

Nevertheless, this specific log cabin was upgraded with the installation of a walkout basement that provided an additional two bedrooms as well as a kitchen that was completely stocked for the sake of convenience.


The Front Pouch

The decks, which would otherwise be exposed to the sky, receive a wonderful upgrade with the installation of these log cabin gazebos.


The remainder of the area is open, except for these gazebos, which offer you a great small private corner that is hidden from the elements and sunshine. The front porch is covered, so the rest of the space is open.

The Entrance Below

Are you ready to take a look around the log cabin and discover what amenities it provides? From this vantage point, you can see both the entrance door, which is located down below and has a porch,


As well as the lovely windows placed in the loft, which are positioned above and exhibit a bed with exposed wood beams all around its log cabin.

The Living Area

When you enter the main floor of the log cabin, the first thing that will catch your eye is the spacious living area that is open to the rest of the floor. There is a fireplace located on the left wall, and on either side of that wall, there are bedrooms.

There is a large set of windows that look out over the land on the back wall of the room, and those windows lead up to the upper decks of the ship.


The dining table, which can be found in the angled corner of the main floor and is situated behind the sofa, serves as a partition between the kitchen and the remainder of the room. The open floor plan is ideal for hosting get-togethers because of its flexibility.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

A second pantry is located to the left of the log cabin entrance to this beautiful kitchen, and it may be entered by the barn door that is shutting.


The contrast between the cool contemporary addition of stainless steel appliances and a vent hood and the cozy classic appeal of wood cabinetry can be seen in this particular region.

There is a bar that can be set up on the island that is situated in the center of the kitchen of the log cabin.

The cabinets on the island have been given a matte black finish, and they offer a great deal of additional storage space.

log cabin


The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

There is just about enough space in the loft that is located on the second level of the log cabin for a bed and a few tables to be placed there, but there is not much more than that.

log cabin


Naturally, because this is an open area, it is not a completely private bedroom; however, it is adaptable enough to serve as a storage room, a game or playroom for children, or even just a nice small reading nook in the corner of the room.

Even though it is not a completely private bedroom because it is an open area, it is completely private.

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is located on the main floor, just behind the living room on the opposite side of the log cabin hallway. One can have a good view of the yard that is situated below the log cabin by looking out any of its windows.

log cabin


In addition to this, it possesses a private exit door, in addition to a small balcony that is connected to the back decks and is located near the gazebo areas.

The Master Bathroom

This log cabin particular master bathroom is a contemporary area with a huge glass shower that combines a rainfall showerhead and fashionable open storage below the basins on the vanity.

log cabin


In general, a master bathroom will be lovely and have some unique details, but this one in particular is a contemporary space with a large glass shower that combines a rainfall showerhead.

The bathroom that serves as the master suite is almost usually gorgeous and features a few unique details.

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