The Best Log Cabin Located In Timberidge Community

Welcome to discover the history of the old log cabin that is still standing in this part of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the United States of America. Timberidge, which is the name of the town, is home to the genuine log cabin that guests have the opportunity to stay in during their visit.


The Living Area

You will find that the layout of the interior of the log cabin is pretty close to that of a typical log cabin in the woods; however, it still has sufficient modern comforts to give it the sensation of grandeur that you are looking for.

The greatest method to pass the chilly winter evenings when the temperature is low is to spend time in front of a corner fireplace that also functions as a TV stand.

The fireplace in the living room uses gas as its source of heat. The warm and welcoming vintage furniture in the living room is an important decorative element, in addition to the other ornamental components that are there.

log cabin

The living room is located in the front of the main floor, while the kitchen is located in the back of the main floor.

There is a bar located in the middle of the kitchen, and there is also an eating nook against the wall that leads out to the deck.

This space is ideal for hosting guests due to the thoughtfulness that went into both the design and the arrangement of the furniture.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This ultra-modern kitchen features clean white log cabinetry, a white sink with a deep white farmhouse sink design, and stainless steel appliances.

Granite countertops are a wonderful option for use as a surface in both the kitchen and the bathroom because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance and their low maintenance requirements.

log cabin

To successfully combine contemporary and classic approaches to interior design, the operator of this business made the strategic decision to position a wooden bar in the room’s geographic center, where it also serves the dual goal of acting as an island.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It should come as no surprise that the master bathroom is yet another room that incorporates both opulent and rustic design features.

A lovely barn door that slides open and closed serves as the door closure and a vanity with two sinks is positioned on one wall.

log cabin

This entire area, beginning at the ceiling and continuing down to the floor, is perfect for a family of any size.

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