The Best Log Cabin Is Truly A Dream Come True

Welcome to Carlisle had this exceptionally gorgeous log cabin constructed for them, it is stated that they made their dream come true. When you take a peek inside and see the grandeur that has been preserved, you will realize why this has been done.


This will become clear to you as soon as you take a glance inside. The ease of use and pleasure of living in this log cabin were top priorities for the architects who designed it, as seen by its spacious and well-designed floor plan, connected garage, and breathtaking vistas.

The Back Porch

The rocking rockers, ceiling fans, and even a picnic table tucked away at the very end make this back porch the stuff that dreams are made of.

We could easily see ourselves taking advantage of the beautiful weather in this area by cuddling up with a tasty glass of sweet tea and a good book and enjoying the time to ourselves.


You may choose to relax with a cup of coffee while wearing a sweater and enveloping yourself in a blanket instead. This is a choice that is always available to you.

The Living Area

Although the majority of the inside of the log cabin is made of logs, there are some areas that are made of drywall that have been painted white.

The contrast between the accents of dark wood stain and the light natural wood works well to integrate together and provide an attractive area that is focused on the requirements of families and is suited for hosting holiday parties or weekend game evenings.


You may anticipate finding all of the conveniences that you want inside these walls, in addition to one-of-a-kind antiques such as the antler chandelier that hangs above the central living room on the main level of the log cabin.

This is a residence that was built by Native Americans. The interior has a rustic “log cabin in the woods” or “hunting log cabin” concept throughout, but in addition, there is a significant quantity of contemporary products that you may purchase if you so like.


It would be tough to ignore the amazing brickwork that is shown on the fireplace in the living room since it is so prominently displayed.

A real wood-burning stove or fireplace is a must for a log cabin, and this one fulfills that need by providing a focal point that combines equal levels of practicality and aesthetic appeal.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

When doing so takes place in a kitchen that is well-lit, has a plentiful amount of counter space, and is equipped with contemporary conveniences such as a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, the process of preparing meals for the family is significantly simplified.

Another element that we find quite appealing about this island in the middle is the fact that it may serve either as a straightforward workstation or as a place to enjoy breakfast.


It is essential that we do not leave out the rack that is mounted above the stove and has the purpose of storing the many different pots and pans that are found in the kitchen. What a fantastic attention to even the minutest of particulars!

The manner in which they have emphasized the menu on the blackboard that is posted on the wall is something that we really admire, and the dining table that is arranged in the style of a picnic table is a great addition to the space.


Although it is possible to design your very own one-of-a-kind eating area, this particular one seems to have been designed with families already in mind.

The First Bedroom

The Carlisle development provides its residents with a combined total of three bedrooms throughout the building’s various units.

The bunk beds in this specific room are one-of-a-kind because they each have a full-sized mattress on the bottom bunk and a twin mattress on the top bunk.

log cabin

Something about the fact that this has a lot of rustic design and space for two sets of bunk beds that are built in is one of the things that truly appeals to us about it.

It is going to be the kind of thing that your kids, grandchildren, and any other members of the family who will be spending the weekend with you will really love doing.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Additionally, this stunning bed seems to be perfectly at log cabin against the white wall of the log cabin, which stands out vividly in contrast to the handcrafted wood work that is scattered all around the room.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

You really didn’t believe that going to the restroom could be dull, did you? You certainly didn’t have that impression with all of this beauty around you, did you? The guests staying at this particular log cabin have access to a total of two bathrooms at their disposal.

In spite of the fact that we are unsure which of these two rooms is located on the main level of the log cabin, the fact remains that both of these rooms are exceptionally lovely and one of a kind in their own right.

log cabin

You can see the live edge base for the bowl sink that is hanging below the rustic wood mirror. In addition to that, the vanity lamp boasts yet another one of those one-of-a-kind cutout designs.

This time in the form of a tree on the front of the lamp. The location shown below has both of these constituents in its vicinity.

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