The Best Log Cabin Is A Stunning And Enchanting

If you are seeking for a larger log cabin, Whisper Pine offers you a wide selection of beautiful models from which you can choose. The Grizzly model is one that we think has a lot of potential for application.


This particular log cabin features several porches, a large wall of windows in the great room, as well as dormer windows on the second story, all of which collaborate to bring in a great deal of natural light throughout the inside of the home.

The Exterior

There are a variety of options available, some examples of which include the kind of stain that is used, the style of the roof, and whether or not the base is made of stone or wood.


When viewed from the opposite side of the log cabin, the great room’s windows create a wall that is positioned behind an open deck that leads right into the backyard.

The Back Porch

In addition to the porches that are located on each of the log cabin’s four sides, there is also a private balcony that is located on the second level of the building.


The upper level of the log cabin incorporates several design elements that, when combined, provide a space that opens up to the surrounding environment but is still situated within proximity to the main part of the building.

This property has the potential to be utilized as a getaway log cabin or even as a rental property for holiday rentals, in addition to being great for weekend barbecues with friends and family members.

The Inside

The walls, flooring, and ceilings of the log cabin’s interior are all constructed out of a combination of round and flat wood pieces, which successfully takes the outdoors within.

Both the stone fireplace in the great room and the partially stone walls that surround the picture windows are characteristics that contribute to the overall appeal and elegance of the property.

log cabin


Installing cathedral ceilings in the major living area of the log cabin allows for the creation of the illusion that the log cabin is larger than it is.

This can be accomplished without sacrificing any of the space on the second floor that could be put to use for bedrooms or storage.

log cabin


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The Grizzly’s food is without a doubt one of the aspects of this establishment that we like appreciating the most. Even though it is connected to the living area and the dining area,

It is nevertheless set off in its own space and has sufficient seclusion to appear as though it is its room.

The magnificent appearance of the log cabinets and shelves that can be found all around this area was achieved by using salvaged wood and applying a variety of treatments to it.

log cabin


The incorporation of tile backsplashes into this area plays a significant role in contributing to the overall modern appearance of the room.

In addition to this, the island that is situated in the center of the room can function either as a tiny kitchen bar or as a breakfast nook.

Both of these options are available to you. This, in conjunction with the pendant lights that hang from the ceiling, allows you to create expanded contemporary rooms smack dab in the middle of a log cabin designed in the form of a rustic log.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms and bathrooms are also very good and give a great lot of open space as well as a variety of storage possibilities; however, not all of the images include them. This is because not all of the photographs feature the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The bedrooms on the main floor have windows that look out onto the property, but the bedrooms on the upper level have dormer windows and balconies that provide additional living space.

log cabin


If these additional facilities are desired in the master bedroom, there is the potential for both a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom to be installed.

You have a wide variety of choices at your disposal for customizing your Grizzly when it comes to appearance.

Everything from the shingles that are used on the roof to the hue of the stain, as well as the floor plan of the master bedroom and whether or not other rooms in the log cabin have their private entrances, are all factors that are taken into consideration.

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