The Best Log Cabin is a Sprawling Modern And Attractive

The outside of the wood Best log cabin in Deerfield has a very subtle look, which is one of our favorite aspects of it. This home is an expansive ranch-style dwelling that has a great room in addition to a loft space that is on the smaller side. It was built with a focus on traditional beauty and comfortable living throughout its construction.


The Exterior

This log cabin features a welcoming front porch that is pretty roomy and provides a good deal of space that may be used for seating purposes.

In addition to that, this placement gives you a beautiful view of the log cabin windows in the great room, which is a major perk.

Although the living rooms in these houses may not be as vast as those in some other homes, the natural light that pours into them more than makes up for the lack of space.


The fact that the log cabin driveway leads to a garage that’s located below ground level may be one of the most distinguishing aspects of this particular home.

We think that both the log cabin design and the functionality of the website are amazing. It does not have a typical basement with a walk-out, but it does have a garage below it along with additional amenities that are placed on the bottom level. one of these facilities is a movie room, which we will discuss in a little bit.


A terrace that is rather large and extends beyond the rear of the house serves to increase the living space of the property.

This location does not have a roof over it; nevertheless, if you needed some shade here, you could build up an awning here if you wanted to use this location.


We enjoy the log cabin and how wide the area is because it gives us sufficient room on the side for putting up a complete picnic table, which is something we appreciate.

The Inside

The inside of the log cabin is adorned in several different styles, each of which contributes to the beauty of the space as a whole.

Even though it has been modernized to include a significant amount of country chic with antique furnishings, it has yet managed to keep some of the natural charm that it had when it was initially constructed.


Not only is there a traditional living room of the log cabin, but there is also a nook placed behind the fireplace that offers additional seating, a significant amount of storage that has been incorporated into the cabinets, and access to the terrace that is situated at the back of the property.

Piano Room

The dining nook of the apartment can be situated to the right of the main living area, and it has a lovely formal table inside of it.

The baby grand piano is one of our favorite additions to the great room, the log cabin we have positioned it against the front wall so that it faces the entry to the area. This arrangement allows the piano to look out into the room.


The Dining Room

This property features a formal dining room of the log cabin, which is a great addition to any house, and it also contains chairs that have been custom-upholstered to contribute to the magnificent mood of the home.

When one analyzes the Deerfield cabinet in its entirety, it becomes obvious that the owner’s aesthetic preferences motivated a significant lot of effort and work on the part of the designer. This is because the owner wanted the cabinet to have a certain look.


This is because the log cabin owner had certain aesthetic goals in mind for the cabinet. This is because the owner of the cabinet had certain aesthetic objectives in mind for it, and he wanted to achieve those aims.

The Kitchen Room

The kitchen of the log cabin, in contrast to the rest of the home, has a modern design and is furnished with specialized appliances, such as a refrigerator that has doors that are color-coordinated with the cabinets.


In addition, the kitchen is provided with a contemporary design. The space is also tiled, and it has an island that can function either as a dining bar or as a breakfast nook depending on the user’s preference.

The Master Bedroom

This is one of the numerous bedrooms available in the home, and it can be found just off the entrance to the building on the ground floor.

They are roomy, with enough space for a bed of either king or queen size, in addition to having enough space for storage.


The master bedroom is a stunning space that has not just a private fireplace but also an entertainment center that is concealed immediately above the fireplace itself.

Wonderful attention to detail can be seen throughout the whole home, but it is especially apparent in the more private rooms.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the master bathroom has a gorgeous dual vanity arrangement, as well as a large soaking tub with a jacuzzi, all of which contribute to the establishment of an environment that is serene and pleasurable.

 Best log cabin


Home Office of the Log Cabin

In addition to that, the current owner of the property has made use of various sections of the land for a wide range of their pursuits, which is one of the numerous advantages that can be enjoyed thanks to the land in question.

 Best log cabin


 They have created a makeshift workplace in their house by squeezing it into a space that was previously unoccupied. This home office has some open shelves behind it that are used for storing models and books, and it also has a deck that is built right into one of the walls.

The Basement of the Log Cabin

Nevertheless, the cinema room that is located below is without a doubt the part of this property that we like the most.

This area is an actual luxury, and it is well suited for those who like watching movies since it is fairly comfy, and it has several reclining seats that are ready for you to rest in while you watch the most current film.

 Best log cabin


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