The Best Log Cabin Is A Ranch Style Built For Families

Welcome to the individuals who like the look of a log cabin but prefer the more regular ranch-style floor plan of their house may find the Ammonoosuc log cabin, which is offered as a kit by Coventry Log Cabins, to be an excellent choice.


This log cabin may be purchased from Coventry Log Homes. This is because the Ammonoosuc log cabin features a front porch, which is a characteristic that is unique to the construction of log cabins.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This residence has light wood wainscotting installed on the walls, dark wood flooring installed in the primary living room, and light wood ceilings installed in the other areas of the log cabin.

This, in addition to some painted drywall, can be seen throughout the property, which gives it a consistent country feel without losing either the amount of room or the style. This was accomplished without compromising on either factor.


One of the elements that have to be taken into consideration below is the sizable closet that can be reached immediately after exiting the primary living room.

Because it is possible to get to the goods that are stored within with relative ease, it is an excellent choice for use as either a linen closet or a closet for storing coats.


The floor plan of the major living area of the house is open, which results in the development of a gorgeous space that is easily capable of housing a living room, a dining nook, and a great kitchen.

The open floor plan of the primary living section of the home is one of the highlights of the home. Each of these rooms has a door that may be used to access the next.

The next picture is of a piece of a kitchen that has a “l-shaped” layout and has magnificent gray cabinets, dark granite, and stainless steel equipment. This portion of the kitchen is located on the left side of the frame.


The vast quantity of storage space that is provided by this kitchen is without a doubt one of our most cherished features of this area.

When you have a family, this is a key necessity to guarantee that you will never find yourself without any of the components essential to cook meals for the family. If you do not do this, you may find yourself unable to feed your family.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Two bedrooms are an exact duplicate of one another, and each one of them is spacious enough to contain a bed, a desk, a dresser, or a chest of drawers.

Even though they are not very large, the degree of comfort that they provide more than makes up for the fact that they are not much larger.


You also get a beautiful look inside one of the bedrooms here, and the door to the closet is open, so you can see a little bit more of the enormous amount of space that is available for storage in each of the rooms.

There is a huge amount of space that is accessible for use in each of the rooms. Each of the rooms has its own closet space.


In addition to having a wardrobe that is of sufficient dimensions, each of these bedrooms also comes furnished with a ceiling fan that is positioned directly in the middle of the room and is centered precisely in the middle of the room.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Because of its handy placement right off the hallway, the primary bathroom in the house has an open floor design and can be reached quickly and easily from any other part of the house.

log cabin

You’ll find the toilet just inside the door, along with a simple vanity, and a combined bathtub and shower that fits neatly against the wall.

All of these features may be found in one space. The cupboards for storing items and the worktops in the kitchen and bathrooms are identical to those that can be found in the rest of the house.

The second bedroom

The home is enhanced by the presence of a walk-in closet that is located next to the bathroom, and it is only natural that the presence of an en suite bathroom contributes to the overall coziness of the master bedroom. The bathroom is conveniently positioned adjacent to the spacious walk-in closet.

log cabin

This suite’s bathroom has a stunning tiled corner shower, as well as a double vanity and superb flooring that is tiled throughout.

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