The Best Log Cabin Is A Gorgeous In Georgia, United States

Welcome to Log Cabin the lovely Water’s Edge is a waterfront cottage that can be discovered in the city of Cherry Log in the state of Georgia, in the United States of America.

log cabin

Cherry Log is located in the state of Georgia. The community of Cherry Log can be found in the state of Georgia.

The Exterior

This is the ideal site for a large group of people to get together and enjoy some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the highlands of North Georgia because of the stunning environment.


In addition to this, the location is ideal for a couple looking to get away from it all and have a beautiful and romantic vacation together.

The charming and gorgeous view of the lake that can be obtained from the cottage is so invigorating and reassuring that the instant you step foot inside, you will immediately feel at peace and relaxed.


The Living Area of the Log Cabin

The entrance to the house is located on the side of the structure, and it leads directly into the space that doubles as both the living room and the great room.

You can tell that this area has been transformed into a pleasant little seating place for you to use by taking a look at it in its current state and observing how it has been set up.

On the left side of the room is a stone fireplace, and on the right side of the room are open glass doors and windows that allow a view out onto the exposed terrace. The fireplace is on the left side of the room.

log cabin

You can get a glimpse of the open loft that is located above from this extra perspective position. You can also get a glimpse of the dining nook that is located on the opposite side of the fireplace from this additional vantage point.

The straightforward layout of this house makes it simple for you to walk from one room to another or to have visitors without creating the impression that you are all crammed into a small portion of the log cabin.

Both of these things are made possible by the fact that the house is not very large. The open layout of the house makes it possible for both of these things to occur.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The exterior, as well as the interior of the log cabin building both, have their unique beauty that should be appreciated. The interior is entirely floored in wood, which gives it the illusion of being a rustic mountain lodge.

Both the great room and the kitchen are fully furnished, with the kitchen boasting granite counters, while the great room’s fireplace is built of stunning piled stone.

log cabin

We believe that the built-to-order log cabinetry that has been installed in this kitchen is the element that contributes the most to the general allure of the space as a whole.

They are the perfect accessory to complete the look of the magnificent pine paneling that can be found on the walls and ceiling of this log cabin.

In addition, the gray granite countertops show off the beauty of the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, such as the refrigerator, the stove, and the dishwasher.

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