The Best Log Cabin Is A Formal Design Of Luxury

Welcome to a Log Cabin that is extremely magnificent and amazing has been transformed into the Prestwick, which is one of the most popular log cabins that Stonemill Log Homes has to offer. This house is called the Bolin, and it has been transformed completely.


This two-story family house, which was constructed in a classic design, is exactly what many people see as their dream log cabin or the place in which they would want to spend their retirement years.

The Front Porch

Within the context of this particular modification, the chimney was used to establish an extra fireplace that was situated on the outside of the log cabin.


It is possible to relax and unwind in front of this fireplace on days when the temperature is lower but you still want to be outside.

The Living Area

It is possible to glimpse the grand room of this log home from the perspective that can be seen farther down to the right.

Hewn wood will be used for the inside walls of the log cabin, and traditional chinking will be included in the design. As a direct result of this, you will have the desire to get your hands on a great traditional log cabin.


At this precise moment, it is clear that the living room, the kitchen, and the big dining area are all marvelously linked to one another on a variety of levels.

Additionally, as can be seen in the photographs that are shown above, there is a fireplace that is located outside of the log cabin. Something that I love about it is that it includes a bookshelf or storage area on both sides of the mantle.


This is something that I find to be convenient. On account of this, you will have the ability to position either the television or the firewood underneath it.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The architecture of this kitchen is traditionally in the form of an L, and it has an abundance of high-quality log cabinets made of dark wood, in addition to a handmade tile backsplash that is one of a kind.

log cabin

Another aspect of this kitchen that is regarded to be traditional is the layout of the furniture. Even though this space is outfitted with contemporary equipment and stainless steel, the island bar is the component that a significant number of people find to be the most appealing.

Therefore, the bar is a great site for a breakfast nook or a simple extension of seats if you have visitors. It is readily able to accommodate three or even four people, making it an ideal location for any of these purposes.

The Dining Room of the Log Cabin

It is possible to have the impression that the dining room is a formal dining establishment since there is enough space provided for that purpose.

They have chosen chairs that have good woodwork and upholstery on them, and they will be using those chairs. even though it is still linked to the environment that surrounds the log home.

log cabin

You will observe that there is a covered porch area just beyond this region if you stare through the door that is positioned nearby and peek through it.

Additionally, the stairs that go to the bedrooms and restrooms on the second story are located behind the dining table itself. These stairs are located on the second floor. These stairs are located behind the dining table at the table’s back.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

A short glance at one of the bedrooms that are located on the upper level reveals the same high-quality construction that you anticipate, complete with a substantial number of windows, natural wood, and space for two beds.

log cabin

This is surely not the least of the highlights. Located on the main level, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a sense of seclusion from the master bedroom.

Additionally, there are other spaces available on the upper level for your children, friends, or even a home office that offers breathtaking views. The configuration of the log cabin makes it possible for you to take advantage of this kind of privacy.

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