The Best Log Cabin Is A Comfortable And Welcoming Cottage

Welcome to this charming Log Cabin can be found just on the outskirts of Nashville, Indiana, and it is situated only a few jumps, skips, and hops away from the central business district of the city.


This is the reason why it is called hop, skip, and jump, and as a result, not only does it make it a highly convenient log cabin, but it also makes it a very tranquil log cabin.

The Living Area

The home’s inside features a living area that is spacious and cozy, with a large fireplace that is located in the living room. Additionally, there is a substantial dining area, and the kitchen is located in the backdrop of the interior of the home.

You are free to carry on those confidential chats anytime you wish, even though everything works so well for entertaining guests.

On the other side, you are free to engage in such private conversations whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

log cabin

The older section of the log cabin has also been given some attention and has been the subject of some work as a result of the modifications that were done in 2016.

They were successful in achieving the desired brighter appearance in the living space by installing some wonderful pot lighting and some magnificent white painted wood shiplap on the ceiling.

log cabin

This gave the ceiling a more open and airy feel. If there was a fireplace in the middle of the living room and windows that looked out over the surrounding forest, then this location would be ideal for unwinding and kicking back.

The Dining Table of the Log Cabin

One of the features of the design that I especially appreciate is how the kitchen and the dining area are connected. This is one of the aspects of the design.

When the table is dragged out from where it has been hidden and expanded, there will be room for additional people to sit on the seats that are located beneath the window.

Because of this, in addition to the wonderful oak cupboards and shelves that surround the area, it is entirely transformed into the ideal setting for mealtime with the family.

log cabin

In addition to that, one side of the bar seating that is located on the kitchen island has been tilted to make room for more seats there. On the opposite side of the island is where you will find these sitting options.

The owner of the log cabin also has a great taste for antiques and one-of-a-kind artifacts, and as a consequence, they have exhibited these items all around the home in a manner that is both lovely and elegant.

This appreciation for antiques and one-of-a-kind goods is one of the reasons why the owner of the log cabin has so many of these items on display.

It is not difficult to determine that the dining room is a component of the more recent addition that was constructed to the property as a result of the fact that the drywall on the interior of the dining room has been painted a magnificent shade of blue.

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