The Best Log Cabin Features Elevated Ceilings And Enchanting

Welcome to the Bennett log cabin is one of those unique buildings that can meet even the most absurd housing goals of a big family. This is because the Bennett log house was designed to accommodate a huge number of people.


This contemporary log cabin was constructed on a hill, and in addition, it includes a walkout basement and a separate garage. These are just two of the numerous selling characteristics that this property possesses; there are many more.

The Living Area

With the addition of built-in cupboards on each side of the fireplace and a comfortable seating arrangement, this space has the potential to be turned into the ideal living room or den for a family to unwind in while enjoying a shared pastime such as reading a captivating novel or watching their go-to movie together.


Below is a photo that was taken from the vantage point that is situated behind the island in the kitchen; it depicts the area that has been significantly expanded since the last time it was viewed.

The house is rather big, but it was built with a traditional open floor plan to make the most of the available space and to guarantee that it is simple to go from one room to another.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Because the log cabinetry runs down the back wall and the refrigerator has log cabinet doors built into it, it creates the appearance that the kitchen area on the main floor is one enormous continuous room.

This is because the log cabinetry extends down the back wall. The presence of an island in this area makes it feasible to transform this room into the perfect kitchen for a family to use since the island doubles as a bar for the cozy breakfast nook.

You will be able to see the stairs that go down to the basement in the photo that we have provided for you here.


You will also be able to see the stairs that lead up to the lofted space that is located above the main living room in the picture that we have provided for you here.

When we gaze down from the landing that links the various levels, we get one of our favorite views of the inside, which is why we want to do it whenever we can.

log cabin

The kitchen may be seen when one quickly looks up, and the entrance to the walkout basement can be seen when one quickly looks down. These two rooms are situated on the same floor of the building.

The Family Room of the Log Cabin

Back up on the top level of the house, just over the main door, there is a room that has the potential to be renovated into an inviting family room or additional living area. Even though it is the loft’s smallest room.

log cabin

It nonetheless provides the feeling of being quite spacious and cozy, and it lets in a significant amount of natural light from the surrounding area. This is something that I have a genuine appreciation for.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In conclusion, the master bedroom in the main house is a stunning room that has the same great woodwork, large open space, high ceiling, and, of course, a private door leading out to the master bedroom’s very own balcony.

log cabin

This room is located on the second floor of the main house. The main log cabin has a second story that contains this particular room.

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