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Your stay in the Broken Bow region is guaranteed to go down in the annals of the log cabin your memory thanks to the unexpected touches of luxury that can be found in the Nothing But Time log cabin, which can be found in the Timber Creek Trails neighborhood.


The log cabin can be found in the Broken Bow region. The Broken Bow area is where you’ll find this particular log cabin.

The Living Room

When you approach the log cabin for the first time from the front entrance, the first thing that will catch your attention is the open-concept living room and kitchen space, which has a high ceiling.

In addition to providing several comfy seating options, the sofa in the living room can be opened up to reveal a bed that is the same size as a queen when it is in its sleeping configuration.

This area has been outfitted with a large-screen television that has been mounted above the fireplace and is wired for DirecTV. However, no pay-per-view content can be accessed in this location.


You won’t ever need to worry about lighting a fire in the river rock gas-burning fireplace since it comes equipped with a convenient on/off timer that makes it easy to manage when the fire is burning.

This means that you won’t have to bother about lighting a fire in the river rock gas-burning fireplace ever again. Because of this, you will no longer need to be concerned about setting a fire in the fireplace.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The range and the oven in the kitchen area have both been upgraded to the most recent model that is now offered for sale in the market at this time. Both of these appliances can now be purchased.

In addition, for your additional ease and convenience, the kitchen area is fully equipped with a glass stove, a sink in the style of a log cabin sink, a microwave, and a dishwasher. These features are included in the package.


The price of the bundle accounts for the entirety of these perks. Because the essential package already incorporates every one of these components by default, it is not necessary to make a separate purchase of every one of the log cabins.


Both the range and the oven in the kitchen area have been upgraded to the most up-to-date model that is now available on the market as part of the restoration project that was just completed.


There is sufficient room at the table next to you for four individuals to sit down at the same time to eat their meals without disturbing the conversation that is taking place at the table that is immediately across from you.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

When you first enter the bedroom for the first time, the first thing that is going to catch your sight is a lavishly clothed king-size bed that has been covered in luxury linens.

When you first enter the bedroom for the first time, the first thing that is going to catch your attention is a lavishly clothed king-size bed. The attention of guests will naturally be drawn to this bed as they enter the space. 


Even though the television in the master bedroom has a very large HDTV screen and is the only one in the log cabin that can be used to watch programming that is given by DirecTV, the pay-per-view function is not one of the options that can be accessed through that device.

The only way to watch pay-per-view content on that television is to utilize another television in the log cabin.

In its place, the only content that may be viewed on the television in this room is that which is provided by the DirecTV subscription. You won’t have access to any other channels to watch at this time. 


Utilizing the doors that provide access to that section of the log cabin will allow you to reach the jacuzzi, which is situated on the terrace in the property’s rear. On the outdoor patio in the back is where you will find the jacuzzi.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The master bathroom features a variety of opulent amenities in addition to the conveniences and comforts that are generally found in a bathroom.

These amenities are located in the master bathroom. The delights that come along with these luxuries include a deep soaking tub, a spacious walk-in tiled shower, and a double vanity.

We recently had a walk-in tile shower installed, and as part of the package, it came with a shower head that simulates the sound and feel of rain falling outside.


The use of tile not only on the walls but also on the floor of the log cabin is an additional functional element that has been included in this space. This is a fantastic strategy for preventing water damage and mold growth within the space.

This site gives you the convenience that you have been looking for all along by providing you with a washing and dryer combination unit that is both full-size and stacked for your use. This gives you the joy that you have been searching for all along.

The Outdoor

You may exit through the glass pane doors onto the rear deck, where there is also a gas-burning fireplace and a hot tub with room for four people. 

In addition to that, there is a flat-screen High-Definition television built on the back terrace, and it is mounted over the fireplace.

log cabin


Utilizing a gas grill that is fueled by propane makes it feasible to prepare meals while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Because of this, doing so is simple.

Within the confines of this particular room is a dining table that features enough chairs for a total of four people. The recently installed fire pit in the yard is a circular construction that can be found directly below the deck.

log cabin


Your visitors are more than welcome to congregate around the fire pit in the log cabin and enjoy the warmth it provides. While sitting around the fire, they can create wonderful memories while toasting marshmallows and other treats.

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