The Best Log Cabin Craig’s Creek Lodge Is A Perfect

The aspect of the log cabin that’s located on Salem Ridge is appealing to us. When you first pull up to the home, your initial thought could be “rustic,” but once you enter, you’ll discover that it’s rather contemporary.


This one-of-a-kind residence has a floor plan that is open to the living areas, a loft area, and bedrooms that are situated on the main floor.

You are welcome to add it to the catalog of floor plans for log cabins from which you may make your selection.

The Exterior

Even though the images do not do justice to this log cabin, you should still be able to get an idea of the floor plan from them.

You can see that there is an open porch on the side of the log cabin and that it is directly off the doors that lead into the huge room.


You can also see that this porch is immediately off the doors. It is also plain to observe that it is situated straight off the doors.

When you and your loved ones come together on the weekends to enjoy some grilled meats like hamburgers and hot dogs, this would be a beautiful spot for you to install your BBQ or smoker.

The Back Porch

On the opposite side of the log cabin, on the property, there is a porch that runs the entire length of the building and encompasses the entire space.


This location does not have a roof or an awning; nevertheless, if you would like some of the spaces to have shade or be protected from the elements, it would not be difficult to install a roof or an awning in this location.

The Inside

An open floor plan is featured on the interior of this log cabin. This implies that the great room/living room space is open to both the dining room and the kitchen.

Those who enjoy hosting visitors in their log cabins or those who have children who might choose to eat breakfast at the kitchen bar rather than at the dining table will discover that this type of layout is incredibly advantageous.


Even though we do not have many photographs to show you the main floor space, you can see from this image that the corner fireplace is a fantastic addition to the log cabin.

This is even though we do not have many images to show you the main floor area. This isn’t just for show; it may truly lend a sense of coziness to the area, and it also acts as a TV stand. In addition to those two tasks, it looks great.

The Dining Table

When a circular table in the room is replaced with a square one, there is an immediate transformation that takes place that results in a more modern appearance.


If you were to use it for a dinner with six people sitting around it, you could technically describe it as a formal dining table because it is large enough to fit that many seats.

This is because formal dining tables are designed to seat at least six people. On the other hand, it offers the same standard of coziness for mealtimes spent with the family.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

We like how the rich red paint on the walls of this log cabin creates a wonderful contrast with the black log cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

This is one of the aspects of this home that we find to be the most appealing. It is a one-of-a-kind feature for a log cabin, and even though it makes a statement, it is excellent for this family and the style that they want to keep in their log cabin.


Even though it makes a statement, it is ideal for this family and the style that they prefer to keep in their home.

This shade of dark red can be seen on the wall that divides the two rooms, as well as in the hallway and the master bedroom.

Additionally, it can be found in the bathroom. In addition to that, it continues down the corridor for some distance.

In the kitchen, an undeniably contemporary look is achieved by combining elements such as granite, tile, and stone with black log cabinets.

log cabin


This one is tidier and more industrial than the majority of the other ideas for rustic kitchens, and it makes use of appliances made of stainless steel to suit the design.

The majority of the other ideas for rustic kitchens focus on using wood as the primary material.

The Master Bedroom

In addition to having ample space for a king-sized bed, the master bedroom features a one-of-a-kind window seat that is tucked away to the side of the room.

This window seat would be the ideal spot for your feline companions to curl up and have a snooze in the warm sunshine.

log cabin


Alternatively, you could use it to relax and read a book. On the other hand, this window seat might be an ideal site for sunbathing and for sunbathing with your cats.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In the second bedroom, there is a contrast between the accent wall, which is a different hue, and the rest of the room’s design, which has a hint more of a country vibe to it.

log cabin


The color scheme of this room is one of our favorites because it combines dark browns and greens with a lighter shade of blue.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The tile in this bathroom is a combination of gray and blue, and it contains both a corner shower and a large soaking tub; these two features, together with the rest of the bathroom’s amenities, contribute to the appeal of the bathroom among guests.

log cabin


If you want a lovely bathroom, this is a fantastic trade-off to make to get you closer to your objective of having a nice bathroom.

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