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Welcome to  would like to tell you about the Bay View Lake Log Cabin on Lake Michigan if you are considering purchasing a log cabin as an investment but first want to know what it is like to live in one. If this seems like something that would be of interest to you, read on.


It is the ideal location for any activity. This cottage, which is offered for vacation rentals, is a great option for a holiday resort for families because of its close proximity to Traverse City and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it.

The Living Area

Before we can proceed with making any further designs, we will, of course, need to investigate the inside of the building in order to ascertain the kinds of amenities that are available there.

It’s possible that the outside is gorgeous, but the inside is just as crucial to how well you can relax in the area as the exterior is.

The spacious great room can be found on the main floor and has a stone fireplace, a comfortable lounging space, and, of course, the kitchen.


In addition, the master bedroom is located on this level, in addition to a room that is open throughout all four seasons and may function as a dining area if necessary.

When we come across a fireplace that has stonework that has been crafted with such attention to detail as this one has, we can’t help but become excited. To put it more simply, there is something about it that gives off the impression of being so kind and welcoming.

On the chilly and snowy days that you spend in Michigan, this is without a doubt going to be a wonderful addition to the log cabin that is going to bring in the lovely warmth that you need.


The fact that it is tucked away in one of the corners of the living room means that it does not occupy a considerable amount of area; but, despite this, it is still extremely comfortable and easy to use.

You will discover the kitchen, a number of storage spaces, the main bedroom, and the stairs that will take you up to the loft if you go beyond the living area.

This property gives off an air of spaciousness and openness thanks in large part to its cathedral ceilings and its wonderful, open floor plan.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is yet another very amazing feature that can be seen on the inside of this log cabin. It is huge, has the form of an L, and is packed with everything that a group of people could want for dinner or even just a snack to eat quickly.

Because the bar and counter that faces the living room is split into two levels, it can be used as both a breakfast nook on one side of the structure and a fantastic space for food preparation on the other side of the building.


You will get an unobstructed view of all of the enormous log cabinets, the tile work, and even a partial view of the bathroom that is located at the rear of the kitchen area when you stand in this position.

The front counter in the kitchen is set up in such a manner that it provides a view of the area that functions as both the dining room and the four-seasons room.


You can see that it has a large deep sink in the form of a farmhouse, and in this specific case, it also includes a dishwasher. Both of these features are readily apparent.

You have the option of hand washing the garments or using the machine to do the job for you. Either way, the choice is yours to make. You have the ability to choose either path.

log cabin

The kitchen counter is located on the side wall of the log cabin and is outfitted with a tiled backsplash, an electric stove made of stainless steel, and a vent hood for the microwave.

The Dining Table

It is only natural that we bring attention to this area, which, despite its image as a formal dining room, is wide open and easily accessible for use in almost any setting. It is only natural that we bring focus to this area. It is quite appropriate for us to focus on this particular region.

This is the room that has entrances on both sides and log cabins the steps that go to the top of the lighthouse tower. In addition to those names, some people refer to it as the Michigan room and the 4-seasons room.

log cabin

These two names are often used together. If you were to put some seats in that space, you could turn it into a dining room, a gaming room, or even a cozy little reading nook. All you need to do is add a few chairs.

The only thing left to do is decorate it in a suitable manner. On one side, there is a balcony, and on the other, there is a walkway that goes down to the lake. Both of these features are located on the same level.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom is located on the main level and is large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed, side tables, and the adjoining private bathroom that was discussed before. This is the last and most significant topic to consider.


Whether you want to rent it out for a vacation or use it as a source of ideas for the interior design of your own log cabin, it is a beautiful property that has a lot to give in either scenario since it has so much to offer in both cases.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The half bathroom is located on the ground floor of the residence, right beyond the kitchen, and is located toward the rear of the property. Despite the fact that it is on the more petite side, it works wonderfully for the purpose that you had in mind for using it.


Inside of the master bedroom is a second full bathroom that comes equipped with a shower that is surrounded in glass and a vanity that is far larger than usual. This specific bathroom is located in the master bedroom. If you are looking for it, please go there. We could not have been more pleased to see this!

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