The Best Log Cabin And Surrounding Garden

Building your dream house from a Best log cabin kit is an excellent method to save costs while still getting the rustic look you want. Utilizing a kit not only ensures that you will have a high-quality finished product but also helps you save money in the process.

 The firm Artisan Log Cabin and Timbers give you a wide variety of possibilities for designing gorgeous homes, which range in size from little to large.


Look down, and you will find a row of the Log cabin that are all the same, and they are positioned so that they overlook the lake. This is the best place in the world to spend your holiday.

The Exterior

The exteriors of these residences have painted or stained wood in addition to the traditional log cabin siding. This contemporary aesthetic, with its predominant use of gray, has become more common in recent years.

 It maintains a simple, rustic aesthetic while still including a significant amount of contemporary design elements, giving the impression that you are at a five-star resort.


The residents of these dwellings have access to several distinct doorways from which to pick. A secondary entry can be located off to the side of the log cabin.

This entrance has a little porch and leads right into the main living area of the log cabin. The top photo shows that there is a door on each side of the wall that has a wall of windows at the far rear of the great chamber. The windows can be seen in the top picture.


These cabins feature two levels, with the bottom level housing a bathroom and a bedroom, and the top level housing additional bedroom(s), the number of which is depending on the size of the kit you choose to buy.


The number of bedrooms on the top level is also dependent on the size of the kit you choose to purchase.

The cathedral ceilings in the living room on the main level contribute to the impression that the space is even larger than it is because the second story takes up just one-third of the log cabin.


The Interior

The outside of these log cabins provides the impression that the design is sophisticated and exquisite, and the interiors live up to the expectations set by the exterior design.

While the baseboards, beams, and accent pieces are all constructed of natural wood, the walls themselves are finished in a variety of shades of gray throughout.

The pleasant living space has a sofa and chairs that are arranged right in front of the wall that contains windows.


The idea of placing a sleeping sofa in this area in case the family ever needs more space than what is now available is one that I find to be quite appealing.

In the background of the photo that you’re looking at right now, you can make see the stairs that go up to the second story immediately.

There is a teeny-tiny landing space in the loft, in addition to open areas that lead to either one or two more bedrooms.

The Living Room

The island in the kitchen serves as the room’s main point and has been furnished with a bar that has enough room for two people to sit at it as well as the required storage space. This would be a wonderful spot for the children to have their breakfast in the morning!

The cabinetry on this island is laid up in such a way that it completely encircles the stove, which is positioned in the exact center of the log cabin.


We are indebted to fate for providing us with this central place for the preparation of supper. It gives out the vibe of a kind invitation and a warm welcome to the log cabin.

Your guests are invited to linger around to chat while holding a drink in one hand and a beverage in the other as you finish putting the finishing touches on the supper as you stand at the stove.


 Following that, the space that is offered at the bar is ideal for putting each dish in a buffet pattern for it to be served.

The Kitchen Room

As one walks backward across the main floor, the dining table can be found just to the side of the kitchen and right behind the sofa. It is wonderful to be able to extend for a more formal dinner in this open space, but it is also easy to relax here with just the family. Both of these options are excellent.


The sleek and contemporary appearance of this kitchen is achieved by the use of gray wood cabinets, gray and white counters, and stainless steel equipment.


The fact that its one-of-a-kind look is devoid of a lot of superfluous embellishments is something that appeals to us. It is current while preserving the essence of what it originally was.


The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

An opening directly behind the kitchen on the same level as the kitchen provides a glimpse of the bedroom as well as the hall that goes to the bathroom that is located on the main floor.

This may include an additional bedroom; however, this would be contingent on the size of the log cabin that you now live in the log cabin.

Best log cabin


There is an abundance of space available in each of the bedrooms, and one-of-a-kind details like this chandelier can be found throughout the log cabin.

Even though it has a highly modern appearance and the ability to be lit with the push of a button, I truly like how it mimics the appearance of candles.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the bathrooms are immaculately clean and lavishly outfitted with high-end amenities.

They are ideal for a modern vacation or permanent home because of their straightforward gray and white color scheme as well as their updated fixtures and faucets; nonetheless, they also show respect for the rustic design by having wood beams that surround the perimeter of the space.

Best log cabin


The Loft of the Log Cabin

In addition, the restrooms are spotless and beautifully appointed with deluxe amenities; they are of the highest possible standard.

They are perfect for a contemporary vacation or permanent home because of their plain gray and white color scheme as well as their modernized fixtures and faucets. On the other hand, they show respect for the rustic style by having wood beams that encircle the perimeter of the area.

Best log cabin


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