The Best Log Cabin – A Very Special Retreat In Paris

Welcome to this one-of-a-kind hideaway was constructed inside of a Log Cabin and is located in the town of Paris, Virginia, in the district of Virginia, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. All of these places are in the United States of America.


The Back Porch

You will be protected from precipitation thanks to the extended roof that is built over the porches; nonetheless, you will still have the open and breezy environment that you have been desiring.


Because there is more than enough space here for seats, swings, or even a small table, it is the ideal spot to have a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the dawn, and it is the ideal location to enjoy a bottle of wine in the evening while watching the sunset.

The Interior of the Log Cabin

As soon as you enter the log cabin building, you are certain to fall in love with the attractive decor, which includes comfortable couches, a chandelier made of antlers, and wood throughout the entirety of the building.

log cabin

This is certain to happen as soon as you enter the building. You will be able to take pleasure in the breathtaking scenery while you are seated in the living area, which features a variety of windows and is surrounded by views of the trees in the neighborhood.

The Living Area of the Log Cabin

Because it is the only area in the room with seats, the stunning stone fireplace in the living room is the perfect location for spending a relaxing evening in front of the fire.

Because it is surrounded by seating, it is also the only space in the room that has seating. The seating is already placed around the fireplace; however, you are free to rearrange the seating in any configuration that more adequately satisfies your requirements.

log cabin

The seating is already organized around the fireplace. The seating has been positioned in the current configuration around the fireplace.

You can make out a section of the dining room in the background on the right, and the image that follows will provide you with a more in-depth look at this area of the log cabin.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

A full bathroom is available for use by guests, and it is equipped with a sink, a toilet, and either a bathtub or a shower, depending on personal preference.

log cabin

The holiday rental log cabin features a laundry room that is available for use by the guests. This room is equipped with both a washing machine and a dryer.

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