The Beautiful treehouse is surrounded by nature.

The treehouse in Karpacz are miniature, luxurious residences that come fully furnished and equipped with all of the essentials.



The treehouse has its own private bathroom equipped with a toilet, a basin, and a shower. On the chillier days of fall and winter, the dwellings are all kept toasty and warm by the use of smaller heaters.

The tree houses in Karpacz have real wood oak floors, which is one of the nicest features of these unique accommodations. As soon as you step foot inside the house, you are immediately put at ease and have a sense of belonging.

Because the treehouses are so up to date and well-appointed, your time spent on vacation in the mountains will be an experience that you will never forget.

Even though it was extremely hot outdoors, we spent most of our time there doing nothing more than relaxing on the deck, reading books in the hammock, and taking in the refreshing breeze from the nearby trees.

The house was extremely nice, and both adults and teenagers could sleep there without feeling cramped.

To spend the night in the log cabin was a very memorable experience. In the tiny park, where we were surrounded by trees, we experienced a great sense of calm and ease.

The tranquility of the modest wooded environment, which was removed from both people and noise, was quite appealing.

You won’t need to worry about leaving your vehicle behind because many of the destinations you can see on excursions are within walking distance of one another.

You are surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery while simultaneously benefiting in some way from being there.

The treehouse can be found in the forest.



This treehouse is tucked away in a quiet wooded area that spans fifty acres. It has a commanding view of the nearby stream from its perch high in an ancient oak tree at the top of a bank.

It is the ideal location to get away from it all and relax. to prepare food over a real fire and to dine while sitting outside over a night sky loaded with stars.

The location of this treehouse in the woods is a secret. It has a commanding view of the nearby stream from its perch high in an oak tree at the top of a bank.

It is the ideal location to get away from it all and relax. to prepare food over a genuine fire while the sky is clear and the stars are out.

In addition, there is a lovely compost toilet that is kind to the environment as well as an open air hot shower.

The addition of the hot tub was a fantastic touch!The host was wonderful; they were really kind and helpful. And in the morning, they brought us beautiful pastries that were still warm!

The ideal private retreat for any traveler, be they a couple or a solitary adventurer looking for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience!

The ideal escape from the hectic pace of everyday life into a tranquil oasis surrounded by natural beauty.

 The treehouse that was built is very stunning. The treehouse was incredible in every way possible.

The Treehouse is situated in an outlying area.



In its current setting, the Treehouse can be discovered a short distance away from Riedhausen. Discover the Pfrunger Ried by embarking on any one of the many hiking and cycling trails that begin directly in front of the treehouse stairway.

There are a multitude of pathways available for selection.

You will also find inside the treehouse information pertaining to a number of day trips that are located in the surrounding area that you may take advantage of. A place with the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and lifting one’s spirits.

This setting is fantastic in every way. A true tree house that the host has painstakingly and meticulously crafted by hand to an exceptionally high standard.

The treehouse not only provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it also has air conditioning for usage during the hotter months of the year.

The treehouse may be found in close proximity to a natural wetland area that is perfect for trekking and viewing the native flora and wildlife.

A quaint and pleasant pub that serves delectable dishes inspired by the local cuisine can also be found within the reserve.

The majority of the surrounding terrain is made up of rural areas, but the cities, towns, and villages all include attractive taverns and restaurants in addition to a warm and inviting ambiance.

The inside of the house has been lovingly and painstakingly decorated with a great deal of attention to detail.

It supplies all that is required for a life that is easy and comfortable to live.

A wonderful and one-of-a-kind setting in which to stay. Magnificently furnished and equipped. The most eye-catching characteristic is the terrace that can be found deep within the trunk of the tree.

The treehouse which overlooks the garden.



This treehouse is really breathtaking, and the setting is ideal for unwinding and getting in touch with nature.

We had such a lovely time at the treehouse that we spent the entire day lounging in the egg rockers, having barbecues, and just taking in the peaceful atmosphere around us.

The house itself is charming and cozy, and it offers breathtaking views of the natural environment that can be seen in the surrounding area.

The location is quiet and there is no need to utilize a vehicle because it is so easy to leave the plot and go on some great hikes without having to do so.

 This place seems more like a dream than anything else. Everything worked out perfectly in the end. From the very beginning of our connection, the communication that I had with Zuzana was amazing, it was accurate, and it was nice.

The tree house is a quaint and tranquil getaway that provided everything that was necessary for us to have.

We were able to relax and enjoy the serene setting while listening to the songs of the birds. picking an apple from the tree and eating it right there,

Due to the fact that the tree house is so charming, cozy, and clean, it is the perfect location for a couple to get away together and spend some quality time together.

The treehouse is not only beautiful and spacious, but it has also been decorated with a great deal of care and attention paid to the most intricate details.

This institution is located in a part of town that is known for its friendly and relaxing vibe, and it is one of the reasons for this. The stunning natural scenery in this area provides hikers with a number of different possibilities to explore it.

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