The Beautiful Tiny House is a very relaxing place

The Beautiful Tiny House is a very relaxing place of the visit was the outdoor bath in addition to the shower that was provided! The entire house is outfitted with an extensive variety of facilities, making it quite comfortable to live in.

Tiny House


This was completely consistent with what had been explained, and it was precisely what we had been expecting all along. The cottage itself, its surroundings, the inside, the fire pit, and the barbeque were all wonderful aspects of the entire trip.

The tranquility of the trail that loops through the property is enhanced by the fact that the land immediately adjacent to it is home to a rich variety of fauna and natural attractions that are just waiting to be explored.

The website is beautiful to look at, it is not difficult to navigate, and it offers everything that you could possible desire.

This adorable Tiny House was the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some downtime because of its charming appearance and cozy atmosphere.

A beautiful setting in which one can relax in comfort in an area that has been thoughtfully constructed for that very reason. You are surrounded by natural landscape to the point where you have the idea that you are a part of it, and this gives you the feeling of being one with the environment.

I have visited Peta’s property before, and both times I have found it to be one of the most peaceful and picture-perfect places I have ever been. This is the second time I have been there.

 A quaint little cabin hidden away in the woods, where the only sounds you hear at night are the trickling of the nearby stream, the singing of the nighttime birds, and the crackling of the fire pit.

The tiny house in the rain forest is very lovely.

Tiny House


The breathtaking Southern Highlands may be reached by car from the Central Business District of Sydney in approximately two hours’ time. In addition to having wombats, sheep, and alpacas as permanent residents, the area is home to a lovely creek that runs through a rainforest.

We have diligently gathered artifacts and components for our microhome from sites all over the world over the course of the past few years.

These artifacts and components come from a variety of cultures.

The Tiny Home and the land that surrounds it; on three sides, the land is bounded by fences and the fourth side is bordered by a creek.

You can Feel free to explore at your leisure and take pleasure in the common land, which is home to a tropical rainforest stream in the close proximity. You can also say hello to the alpacas and sheep who live on the property.

I took a break from my work and studies to make the journey here from Canberra, which is a distance of two hours. I did this so that I could take advantage of this beautiful setting.

You didn’t need to bring anything else with you because there was already a stove, an oven, air conditioning, and a television in the room, among other amenities.

The Tiny House all by itself was very well supplied and offered everything need for a restful escape throughout the course of the weekend.

The fact that the location is in its own private paddock contributes to the relative tranquility of the setting.

It is only a short drive away from Robertson, which offers all of the conveniences necessary for a restful weekend break. The location is ideal for anyone looking for such a getaway.

The Tiny House is ideal for wine enthusiasts.


The Tiny houses provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for residents to combine their interest in wine into both the aesthetics

And the functionality of their living space, making them an ideal alternative for people who enjoy wine and are looking for a dwelling option that meets all of their needs.

Wine lovers who want to display their collection in a way that is both trendy and functional may do so in a compact house because despite its modest size, every inch of space has been put to good use.

This makes it possible for wine lovers to display their collection in a manner that is both fashionable and practical.

These compact yet powerful houses create the ideal setting for storing and displaying objects, such as wine racks that are custom-built and can be fitted effortlessly into the walls, as well as wine vaults that are nestled discretely beneath the stairs. These dwellings also have wine vaults that are hidden discreetly beneath the stairs.

In addition, because of the diminutive size of a tiny house, it is much simpler to control the temperature at the appropriate level for storing wine.

This helps wine enthusiasts to preserve the quality and flavor of their most valued bottles of wine. Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to conventional homes.

Wine enthusiasts who want for a one-of-a-kind living experience that is well suited to complement their refined passion will find that the tiny house offers an abundance of chances to fulfill their wishes.

The Tiny House is an ideal choice if you are interested in either a tranquil interior that is designed to resemble a vineyard or a spectacular view of your very own private grapevines that are located outside the window. Both of these options are available in the small house.

The House, updated and all cleaned up

Tiny House


The magnificent Casa Feliz Tiny House can be found in a fantastic location on the Fleurieu Peninsula, nestled between Maslin Beach and Port Willunga and the ancient settlement of Aldinga.

This site is described as “nestled between Maslin Beach and Port Willunga and the historic township of Aldinga.”

The outdoor space, including the outdoor bathtub, is breathtaking and offers great views of the sunset. Super cushy beds with skylights so you can gaze at the skies while you sleep

The three of us had a wonderful time crammed into the little house. The highlight of the experience was the outdoor bath, which remained comfortable even on a chilly morning.

We had a wonderful time during our stay at the beautiful property, which met all of our requirements and more.

During our stay, we had a requirement to get in touch with them, and they answered almost immediately and satisfied our want. They were the ideal hosts. We can hardly wait to get back there.

The property was immaculately clean and had the coziest vibe; additionally, there were instructions in a clear handwriting located in every room.

However, the little house lived up to its name, and while I didn’t have any issues with the main bed mattress, my wife did and felt it to be far too firm.

The small house has an impressively high level of comfort and convenience, with every amenity imaginable. We were quite happy with our stay, and we especially appreciated being able to bring our dog along.

Incredible, that little house on wheels! It is wonderfully furnished, the grounds and surrounding areas are amazing, and all in all, this was a great place to spend the weekend.

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