The Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels!

The Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels!

In this episode, we will see a Beautiful tiny home on wheels located in Denison, Texas

The Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels!
This Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels is located in Denison, Texas.

This tiny home on wheels looks so beautiful and stylish there is a front porch area with some string light all around and a solo stove with wood provided and some seating options

The Living Area of This Tiny Home

The inside space is very open and bright the bed is on the left the living area is on the right it feels quite spacious for being a tiny home on wheels.

The living area is very comfortable and cozy there is a comfy couch and a coffee table and a mounted TV on the wall where you can watch some Netflix or Youtube.

The wood slats on the ceiling are very beautiful it’s the same as what is on the floor and the shiplap everywhere makes this tiny home cozier.

The Kitchen of This Tiny Home

This kitchen has everything you would need from all this cabinet space there is a refrigerator on the left side, and the cabinets on the bottom have all your dishes and utensils.

The countertop is very bright and clean you have a hot plate built in and an apron sink it’s very deep and spacious, with a beautiful window for some good views.

This Full-size kitchen of this tiny home.
This Full-size kitchen of this tiny home.

Continue along in here there is a washer and dryer to combo unit perfect space saver for this tiny home and then are the cabinets you have all of your coffee supplies and everything you need for your morning coffee.

The Sleeping Area

This sleeping space has a nook bed it fits perfectly in this cubby with the shiplap everywhere and you got windows all around it which look very beautiful with the view.

When the sun comes up you can close all the windows with these cool blinds and you have some drawers underneath it the wood drawers blend right in with this home.

Above all of this, we have a loft there is a ladder on the right side and you can take it off and put it up and you come up in the loft if you have other people staying here there is a small bedding option.

Tiny home
The Loft area.

tiny home

The Bathroom In This Tiny Home

In this full-size bathroom, you have a vanity on the right side, and then your toilet with a cabinet above it, and in the end is your tiled shower this is a beautiful subway tile with the black route and you have everything you need for a bathroom.

Full-size bathroom.
Full-size bathroom.

Tiny home, vanity
The little clean and sleek vanity.
Full-size shower.
Full-size shower.

The Outside Of This Tiny Home

The outside property of this tiny home is 17 acres and you get an Oklahoma view that so

The Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels.
The Beautiful Tiny Home on wheels.

There is a pond and you have a couple of kayaks you can even jump in and swim there is a dock there with a ladder which is very cool and awesome.

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