The beautiful Sunsets Cabin in Airbnb

The beautiful Sunsets Cabin and in the colder months, you can soak in the hot tub while gazing at the starry sky from atop one of the snowy hills.




Walking, fishing, cycling, animal watching, golfing, sailing, and sight-seeing are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed just outside your door.


You can spend endless days sightseeing at the various museums and market towns.


The Lodge is an independent structure that guests can utilize alone for their stay. With its own enclosed garden and sundeck area and private off-road parking.


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Jane’s place. Beautiful, tranquil scenery.


The lodge was spotless and attractive. The hosts were wonderful, and they even provided extra towels for the kids. The fresh flowers and other finishing touches elevated the whole event.


The starry night sky and relaxing hot tub are a perfect combination.


This is a one-of-a-kind spot with breathtaking scenery. A perfect base from which to explore the scenic surroundings.


Enjoyed a restful stay with plenty of activities and stunning scenery. I used to live for going to the movies and shooting pool with my pals.


The cabin is nice and toasty, and the bed is soft and inviting. The interior is larger than we had anticipated, so we have plenty of room.


The hot tub was secluded and tidy, with a great view. The check-in time of 5PM did cut into our first day, though.


Went to the bar just down the street and had a good time. I loved the hot tub.


A beautiful, contemporary resort with a breathtaking vista. Excellent for unwinding and taking a break from everyday life.

A Cabin with privacy is now available.





Those in need of some peace and quiet can find it here on the farm.


Its proximity to Austria’s largest Nature Reserve, Hohe Tauern National Park, making it an ideal base from which to explore the alpine wilderness.


The woods, or for the more adventurous, the mountains. The 2,500-meter Wangenitzeehütte can be reached after a three- to four-hour climb.


The scenery, the wood-burning sauna, the charming/romantic kitchen, the outside shower, the night sky, the fireflies, the wooden fixtures, and the proximity to a mountain were all highlights.


The cabin is ideal for a relaxing getaway, since it provides plenty of seclusion and is not visible from the surrounding area.


He clearly gave the hut and Peter’s entire property a great deal of thought.


A charming small cabin that, by day, offers breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding mountains and, by night, provides a stunning backdrop of twinkling stars.


The house is located in a beautiful nature area. The nighttime sauna sessions were a highlight of our trip.


The house, sauna, and outdoor bath with a breathtaking view are all wonderful.


We had the pleasure of Peter’s company on two separate occasions throughout our visit; he is a gentleman who will leave you alone to take in the sights.


It’s hard to imagine a more ideal cabin, setting, or earth sauna. We were unhurried and promptly arrived at our destination.

A lovely cabin with views of Switzerland in a lush green area





The cabin is located in a verdant haven of grass, meadow, and orchards, and it is encircled on all sides by a thick forest of pine trees that are hundreds of years old.


The panorama of the 4000 Swiss is very stunning!


On the ground floor, you’ll find a spacious living area in addition to a living room and dining room.


The area with the fire pit is located behind a substantial wooden door that has two doors on either side of it. In this room, you can sit on comfortable benches that are covered in leather and watch the fire.


A room with two beds, a closet room, a double bedroom, and a bathroom with a bath and a shower are located on the second level, which is accessible through a staircase made of wood.


You’ll have the opportunity to unwind in front of the breathtaking scene on a balcony made of wood.


A charming attic space occupies the third level, which has its own entrance. You will find a single bed, a double bed, a bathroom, and a study nook as you step inside.


The accommodations were immaculate, and the home had been completely stocked with everything that could possibly be required for a visit.


They are wonderful hosts, and the atmosphere of the house is truly one of a kind.


At this incredible location, our family enjoyed a wonderful vacation together. The house was quite homey and tidy, and it had great views of the surrounding area.


The house was extremely stunning, and the interior design was both distinctive and inviting at the same time.


The mountain chalet is situated close to some of the area’s most popular hiking paths and provides breathtaking panoramas of the mountains in the immediate vicinity.

The Cozy Lodge with an Outdoor Swimming Pool






There is a chance that butterflies, insects, and flies will be found in the surrounding area of villas that are located near the sea or in natural settings.


The cabin was very well decorated inside and out, and it featured a lovely private swimming pool.


Additionally, the customer assistance was done in a timely and pleasant manner.


While we were staying at this cute lodge, we had a great time. It is close to the beach and surrounded by mountains.

It was very clean and comfy, as well as well maintained; in addition, both the pool and the spa bath were excellent.


The house was flawless, and the pool was really stunning. In addition to that, during the course of our stay, really adorable kitties paid us visits.


The accommodations and the pool are wonderful. A little amount of time on the beach, which was really significant for both of us.


The only thing that worried us was that the air conditioning in the downstairs living area worked fine, but sadly, the air conditioning in the upstairs bedroom did not function properly, so you could not sleep there since it is too hot.


We loved the pool and jacuzzi, the location was great (the beach was just a few steps away), and the centre was three kilometres away, however, the buses were practically never available.


We had a wonderful time at our accommodations, and the gentleman who received us at the key exchange was really friendly and helpful.

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