The beautiful old cat who was badly burned when it was a kitten.

The beautiful old cat who was badly burned when it was a kitten.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see The beautiful old cat who was badly burned when it was a kitten.

On July 25, 2008, Sara Lunt and her husband Phil were driving through Hutton Roof, a little village around 30 miles from their home in Ulverston, England, when they came upon a tiny calico kitten in the middle of a country lane.

They immediately pulled over and took the kitten home with them. Because the couple believed the kitten, who was only six weeks old, lived in one of the surrounding houses, they were worried about her safety and asked Sara to get out of the car and take the little cat away from the road.

“As soon as I picked her up, I could smell ‘burnt,’ and I could see that she was injured,” Sara recalls thinking to herself.

Even though the Lunts already had eight cats in their home, they knew they had no choice but to help the injured kitten even though she was covered in burns all over her body.

While Sara and Phil were driving back to their house to grab a carrier for the kitten, the whole time they were raving about how cute the kitten was.

According to Sara, “By the time we got back, she hadn’t moved very far, so we put her in the cat box to transport her for the forty-five minute drive home.”

That evening, the Lunts took the calico to their family veterinarian, where a comprehensive examination showed the extent of the calico’s ailments.

Sara recounts, “All four paws had been burnt, and her claws were permanently out and damaged!” “Her eyes were damaged as well, and the vet said that she would have the same effect as if she were looking through dirty windows.

The kitten’s face was covered with wounds, and she was missing the tips of both of her ears and an inch of the end of her tail as a result of the burns.

The burns on the kitten were so serious that the physician didn’t think she would make it through the night, despite the fact that he was unable to ascertain how she had received the injuries.

Thankfully, the stalwart calico cat defied the expectations of the veterinarian, and as her health continued to improve, Sara and Phil made the decision to retain her and renamed her Squidgey.

Sara claims that Phil was the one who decided on her name. “The veterinarian gave her the name Frazzle, which was one of my favourites, but since she was Phil’s cat, we just called her Squidgey; she was a squidgy little cutie.

It has been over 11 years since Sara and Phil first spotted Squidgey, and this lovely senior cat is doing really well, despite the fact that she looks a little bit different from the normal feline. Sara and Phil still have Squidgey.

“People always think that she is in pain or that she is still healing,” adds Sara. “But she’s fine.”

However, Squidgey has fully recovered from her injuries, and she is not experiencing any pain or discomfort. This enables her to spend the most of her time playing with her feline siblings and snuggling up with her human parents.


Sara remarked that “she spends a lot of time with her parents” since “otherwise, she gets chased by her younger sisters.” Squidgey suffered serious injuries when she was rescued, including trauma that permanently affected her vision.

However, throughout the past ten years, she hasn’t had very many difficulties, which demonstrates how remarkable it is that cats with special needs may thrive despite their conditions.


Even though this charming and affectionate female, who most likely wouldn’t be alive today if the Lunts hadn’t rescued her from the middle of a country road in 2008, gets more than her fair share of special attention, Sara asserts, “They’re no different to a ‘normal’ cat.”

“They’re no different to a ‘normal’ cat,” she says. “They’re no different to a ‘normal’ cat.” “She is extremely pampered and adored, and as a result, she can get away with anything.”


Photo Courtesy of Ban Tin

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