The Beautiful A-frame is on the mountain is very Relax

We were able to have a pleasant few days in a secluded and peaceful setting. The owner of the A-frame was really kind and pleasant to talk to. The space inside is amazing. Simply put, a beautiful setting in which to unwind and rest!


The cabin was lovely, and it was just the thing for a quiet getaway with the girls.

There was not much to do in the immediate area, but a list of things to do and see in the surrounding area was mailed to the cabin in advance and printed out for guests when they arrived.

The actual cabin was wonderful, and the responses to our text messages were always prompt and kind. Ants were able to get inside the cabin due to its location in the middle of nature; however, we did not find them to be a nuisance as long as no food or drinks were left out in the open within the cabin.

The location was encircled on all sides by snowy mountains and wooded areas.

We highly recommend this spot for a romantic break, whether you bring your pet or not.

The A-frame was immaculately tidy and recently renovated, and the kitchen included a comprehensive collection of modern conveniences.

Each night, all five of us were able to take warm showers thanks to the enormous boiler that was provided in the contemporary and spotless bathroom.

The proprietors are wonderful people, and it was a pleasure to communicate with them. We were there for three nights, went on two walks in the neighboring mountains, relaxed, and made the most of the terrace.

The Great A-frame House is the best possible option.


In the house, everything is quite comfortable, nicely equipped, and very well thought out from every viewpoint!

wonderful settings, particularly with the lakes being so close by and accessible on foot; this was exactly what we required with our little children.

Even though the A-frame house was located amongst a few other A-frame houses, it managed to maintain a high level of privacy thanks to the abundance of lovely pine trees and plants in the surrounding area.

We had a wonderful time over the weekend because the property provided us with all we required.

The communication with Clemo was quite kind, and the bungalow was tidy and complete with all of the necessary amenities.

 We had the impression that we had our own space, despite the fact that the bungalows were not that far off from one another.

 We appreciated the ease of parking relatively close to the house (less than fifty meters away), as well as the safe roads that allowed our children to ride their bikes around the nearby lake.

A Kindred eco-cabin with a frame



The charming A-frame cabin Kindred exudes an atmosphere that is exemplified by the use of natural wood and antique furniture from the 1950s.

There are six residences in total, all of which are referred to as Tiny residences, and they are situated in a field adjacent to a forest.

Since this is an eco-friendly cottage, you can rest easy knowing that your holiday won’t have any negative impact on the surrounding natural environment.

In the main living space, which is directly in front of you, in addition to the wood burning heater, there are two gigantic easy chairs that can be changed into single beds, a coffee table, a dining table and chairs, and storage areas.

 You will enter the bathroom through a door that slides open, and on the opposite side of the room you will find the toilet and the shower. The kitchen, which has storage space and appliances of conventional proportions, is a pleasantly large room overall.

Having a cookout under the open sky and eating while gazing at the stars was a once-in-a-lifetime event that I will never forget.

We had a wonderful time eating the delicious brownies that were waiting for us in the kitchen, and throughout our stay, Helen was very friendly and responsive to our needs.

With a newborn and a little child in tow, the staircase that led to the bedroom was a little bit challenging to negotiate, but we had anticipated this challenge in advance and were ready for it.

The A-frame will be left outside in the fresh air.



This was truly one of the most magnificent spots that we have ever visited in all of our travels. The host was not only kind but also quite generous.

The cabin itself is remarkable; care was given with every aspect of its design, and it is spotlessly clean, wonderfully comfy, aesthetically pleasing, and serene.

At the Chalet Kalivas, we were treated to a truly memorable experience. They were quite accommodating, as seen by the fact that we were able to check in even at a very late hour.

This was a significant advantage. This is the ideal lodging for those looking to spend some time away in the great outdoors.

In spite of the fact that there was no grocery within walking distance, we were provided with everything that we required, including bread and food from the area, for breakfast.

It was the ideal location for beginning the Tzoumerka hiking routes as well as traveling to the Arachthos Potamos river valley.

 The photographs of the cabin are true, and the actual location is quite neat, peaceful, quaint, and conducive to relaxation. Evelina had prepared a ton of things for us to eat for breakfast,

And she even shared some of the bread that she had just baked with us, which was absolutely mouthwatering.

In addition, there is a volleyball net and a ping pong table, both of which were daily highlights for us.

The location is convenient for getting to a large number of interesting locations to go and see because it is in the geographic center of this portion of the region.

This location is wonderful. We had the impression that we were all by ourselves in the wilderness. The setting is incredible, and the hosts are really kind and helpful.

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