The Atglen Log Cabin Is Beautiful And Classic Design

The Atglen is one of those charming log cabin that has absolutely won over our hearts, and we just can’t get enough of spending time there! This floor plan is provided in two distinct forms down below for your viewing convenience.


One thing is certain, and that is that you are going to really like staying in this log cabin.

You have the option of designing the home such that it is exhibited with a connected garage on the top level; alternatively, you can go with a different layout that places the garage on the basement level of the home.

The Exterior

The Atglen model log cabin is a nice place that can be adjusted, and it includes a master bedroom on the main floor in addition to a second bedroom or home office on the same floor.


You also have the option of customizing the Atglen model house to meet your specific needs. If one so chooses, the space on this floor can also function as a dining room.

This spacious home boasts the well-known open floor plan and features a cathedral ceiling in the great room, which is connected to an open dining area and kitchen. The eating space and the kitchen are both connected to one another and open to one another.


Even though there is a porch on the front of the log cabin in this iteration of the Atglen design, the entrance that is located on the side of the building is the one that is utilized the majority of the time.

The chimney can be found on the opposite side of the log cabin, and the back of the house features an open deck that is perfect for enjoying the fresh air.


The Back Porch

A different alternative layout for this log cabin has the same interior on both the first and second floors, but it also has porches that run the length of the back of the log cabin and places the garage in the basement of the house rather than on the first or second floor of the log cabin.


On this particular model, the set of steps that lead down to the basement level can be located on the rear deck or porch that wraps all the way around the back of the house. The back of the log cabin is totally covered by this porch, which wraps completely around it.

The Inside

Huge, open areas can be found throughout the Atglen model home, and they are sure to captivate your attention and win your heart. There is a wonderful room that provides direct access to both the eating area and the kitchen.


The redesigned version that is seen below has been given a fashionable white tile backsplash that creates an attractive contrast with the light grey log cabinetry and the stainless steel appliances.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

You have an excellent view of the open loft area as well as the stairs leading both down to the basement and up to the bedroom (or bedrooms) that are located in the loft.

You also have a good view of the entire kitchen space. Taking a glance at the picture that we’ve provided below will give you this viewpoint.


And here is yet another perspective that shows you the location of the fireplace in relation to the area that is filled by the kitchen.

Additionally, the sliding doors that are placed on the side of the home that go out to the deck that is situated at the back of the property are also displayed in this view for your convenience.


The Living Area

The fireplace that is situated on the exterior of the log cabin is not very large, despite the fact that it occupies a sizeable amount of the primary wall of the room where it is situated.

log cabin


It comes with a simple log mantle, but the area just above it is large enough to fit a mountain, a television, or any other piece of home decor of your choosing.

The Stairs Design of the Log Cabin

When we build log homes like this one, one of the things that gives us the greatest sense of satisfaction is constructing the staircase out of actual wood.

log cabin


In this particular arrangement, the treads on the steps are built from half-logs, while the base runners and the spindles on the railing are both hewn from complete logs. The treads on the steps are also fashioned from half-logs.

The Laundry of the Log Cabin

This home includes a mudroom that is also capable of operating as a laundry room, and it is situated in the same area as the laundry room itself. This is the last but not the least feature of this home.

log cabin


In addition to having log cabinets for storing laundry supplies and a huge utility sink, it also has the necessary space for a front-loading washer and dryer set, which is a need.

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