The Ascutney Log Cabin Into Only 1140 Square Feet

Welcome to Log Cabin one of the most surprising aspects of this idea is that it was able to include three bedrooms and a beautiful open area in a space that was just 1140 square feet in size.


A magnificent log cabin, which has been given the name Ascutney log cabin, has been built with the assistance of Coventry Log Cabins.

The Inside

This residence is a log cabin with a stone chimney and fireplace that is located in the middle of the log cabin, close to the stairs that go to the second floor, and the living rooms that are located below.


This chimney and fireplace is one of the most impressive elements that can be found inside this log cabin. One of the most appealing characteristics that can be discovered inside this residence is this particular feature.

The Living Area

The open concept makes it possible to establish a flow that is uninterrupted between the living area, dining room, and kitchen. This is made possible by the open layout. The procedure of hosting meetings is simplified as a result of this.

The installation of a raised table that is positioned between the kitchen and the living room and can seat four people is considered to be a great addition to meals that are enjoyed with the family.


There is no need to descend any stairs to access the large terrace that is located at the rear of the log cabin since the sliding glass doors that are located there are located at the back of the log cabin.

Even if the property itself could have less square footage, the fact that this is a great escape due to the outdoor areas does not affect the fact that this is a lovely getaway.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

It is possible to find a bar in the kitchen that is shaped like a U, and it has seating for three people. Those who are guests at the institution have the option of using this bar as a handy breakfast nook or as extra space for their needs.

A contemporary design that is incorporated into the space provides a striking contrast to the rustic components, furniture, and log cabinets that are there.

log cabin

The kitchen is furnished with conventional equipment that is constructed of stainless steel. This not only helps to pull the space together but also makes it a great option for families who have children.

Additionally, there are a lot of windows and a door that is open in the neighborhood, which allows additional natural light to enter this room. This is a very advantageous situation.

The First Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Due to the presence of log walls, windows, and large spaces in the bedrooms, it is possible to fit several beds or comfy chairs. These features are present in the bedrooms. The comfort level in each of the bedrooms is high.

log cabin

If it were to be used as a master bedroom, it would be a wonderful idea to include a small reading chair, a loveseat, or an entertainment center in the space.

This would allow you to have a relaxing movie night in bed. A choice like this would be an excellent choice!

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This bedroom is an excellent space for children or a fun little guest room since the twin beds in this room are designed to be positioned against the wall practically.

This makes the room an ideal location for a guest room. If you would like a king-sized bed, it is also feasible for you to replace the twin beds with a king-sized bed.

log cabin

It would seem that three doors go off the landing on the second floor, which suggests that the arrangement may feature a “Jack and Jill” bathroom in the space that is located between the two bedrooms.

The landing is situated on the second floor, which is the reason for this condition. Furthermore, it is most probable that it is only an extra closet to accommodate storage needs.

This property does not have a single bedroom that is claustrophobic; rather, three rooms are more spacious and comfy than any of the bedrooms in this log cabin.

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