The Amazing Treehouse Connect with nature

The Amazing Treehouse Connect with nature and can take you to the beach and the city of Midgame in about twenty minutes. Premium Accommodations with Private Bathrooms



Breakfast is being provided by us. You are welcome to come and enjoy our green and quite large garden while enjoying staying here and resting.

This is a tree house complete with a bathroom hidden in the bushes. Excellent for a Partner. Our garden is ready and waiting for you to use it as a place to relax outside, as well as for hosting any outdoor parties or other types of celebrations.

We will always make an effort to provide world-class service in any of the arrangements we make for your trip, with the goal of ensuring your complete happiness.

Aside from the brisk breezes of the Garden, which encourage guests to relax in the outdoor chairs, we also provide free Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected to all of your social media accounts at all times.

A really ideal property, with extremely kind and thoughtful hosts who are also quite prompt in their responses to communications and very thoughtful.

The room was wonderful, and despite the fact that it was constructed on the branches of trees, it had a bathroom and a toilet just like a regular hotel room.

Please don’t worry about anything; the host will assist you whenever you need it, and his excitement and generosity will shock me.

My stay was wonderful, and if you ever find yourself in Sri Lanka, I highly recommend that you get a room at this hotel so that you, too, can enjoy a night that will live long in memory.

 Our accommodations were top-notch, and we enjoyed a very pleasant time.

The TreeHouse is close to the beach and river.



The Tree home is a one-of-a-kind and romantic retreat that is located within a short distance from the National Park. It is in close proximity to both the beach and the businesses.

While taking in the picturesque vista of the river, unwind with a refreshing gin and tonic on one of the oak swings.

The home features both an indoor tub that is reminiscent of the Victorian era and an outdoor shower.

While you lounge in the luxurious comfort of your king-sized bed, you can enjoy a touching film on the screen of the pull-down projector.

The treehouse contains a sizable kitchen that is well stocked, in addition to a washing and dryer. The bathroom has a freestanding tub, a sink, and an open closet, while the bedroom has an open floor layout.

There is a restroom that is private. The balcony is furnished with a seating space, and there is a little table there that may accommodate two people.

The corner houses the outdoor shower that guests can use.

There are a few branches that are growing through the shower, so in order to access the shower area, you will need to bend down a little bit and get below the branches.

We had a wonderful time exploring the natural surroundings of the treehouse, where we saw monkeys and lizards and admired the tranquil river.

The location could not be more ideal; it is immediately adjacent to the national park, and the view of the river and the playful monkeys is nothing short of enchanted.

Then, in the morning, we savoured our first cup of coffee on the balcony before setting out for a day of hiking in the national park. We gathered around the projector screen for a relaxing movie night in the evening.

The TreeHouse connects with nature



The magnificent and one-of-a-kind Fort Ebey Treehouse is a hideaway that welcomes you to relax and connect with nature without compromising any of the modern conveniences that you have been accustomed to.

The well-known treehouse builder Pete Nelson is also the proprietor of Treehouse Point and the star of the television show Treehouse Masters. Nelson created the treehouse with a floor space of 500 square feet.

The unrivaled staff from Nelson Treehouse & Supply successfully finished construction at the end of 2020, and we are thrilled to finally be able to offer our visitors the opportunity to enjoy the Fort Ebey Treehouse experience.

The treehouse was incredible in every way possible. Excellent access to the state park as well as the beach that is close by.

 An excessive number of luxuries for a tree house. Bear in mind, though, that it is still a tree house. The photographs led me to believe that the inside would be significantly larger than it actually is.

The water pressure in the shower was not as strong as what you would find in a hotel. In addition, there were a few other actions to take, which were not shown in the photographs.

The atmosphere was peaceful and calm, and the treehouse itself was exceptionally one of a kind. The surroundings were just breathtaking.

The treehouse is neatly organized and makes good use of the available space; it was spotless, and the owners had thought of everything, from providing directions to ensuring guests’ comfort and providing opportunities for fun.

We were able to enjoy luxurious camping in the woods thanks to the treehouse that we rented. The beach at the end of the short stroll through the woods seemed to have a mystical quality.

The House that has a breathtaking panorama



The Lodge extends a warm welcome to you in its Tree Hut, which is nestled in a magnificent great ficus tree that is over one hundred years old and which lies in a lush treed garden close to the swimming pool.

The location lived up to its reputation of being in close proximity to the natural world.

Every second that we spent in your wonderful tree house on your expansive land was a highlight for us.

The presence of a swimming pool was an additional perk. Both the rum you prepared yourself and the brunch you served were outstanding, and your company was quite enjoyable.

The location is stunning, and it is surrounded entirely by natural scenery; we had a great time there. Yannick was really kind, we had a pleasant experience, and everything was set up in an ideal manner.

The bathroom at the bottom of the tree is rather spacious and has all the modern conveniences.

The grounds are quite gorgeous, and they are very calm and tranquil. Both Yannick and Ben were incredibly welcoming and eager to assist us in any way we required.

Our time spent at Yannick’s tree house lodge was quite enjoyable. It is in the ideal area from which to explore the island and visit many of its breathtaking locations.

After navigating to the correct street, Ben greeted us with a friendly greeting, which we greatly appreciated.

Every morning, we not only enjoyed breakfast with fresh fruits, but we also had breakfast with the sound of birds singing.

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