The amazing tale of a blind kitten’s victory over adoption and social stigma.

The amazing tale of a blind kitten's victory over adoption and social stigma.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see The amazing tale of a blind kitten’s victory over adoption and social stigma.

A little kitten was born without the ability to see, and because of this, he was shunned by the other cats in the litter. On the other hand, the course of his life was predetermined to take an unexpected turn when he came into contact with a kind individual who showed interest in him.

In the end, they decided to give the kitten a better chance in life, and as a result, everything ended up working out for the best.

Kerry Denman, a person living in London, paid a visit to a group of lovable kittens who were looking for homes where they could stay forever. She spent some time snoozing with the fluffy cats, despite the fact that her original plan was not to take any of them in as her own pets.

One particular kitten in particular drew her attention; it was a tiny grey and white one that was separated from the rest and curled all by itself on top of a laundry basket.

The blindness, patellar luxation, and skeletal deformities that the cat suffered from were caused by his mother’s abandonment of him when he was still a young kitten.

As soon as Kerry scooped him up, he immediately settled in and made himself at home in her arms. Kerry couldn’t stop thinking about him, so the next day, even though she hadn’t intended to bring him home, she did it anyway since she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

She gave him the moniker Louie the Blind Cat, and he adapted very quickly to his new surroundings after being moved.

Louie showed no trace of apprehension and immediately began exploring his surroundings, in contrast to Kerry, who was extremely apprehensive about his first day back at home.


Kerry Denman related the wonderful experience she had with a cat named Louie who was blind. When Louie first met Kerry, he had little trouble getting to know her and formed an instant connection with her.

Even though Louie is blind, he still enjoys playing with toys that make a lot of noise and running around the room.

He displays a high level of devotion towards his owners, as evidenced by his regular purring and clear preference for certain types of hugs.


Kerry is of the opinion that Louie’s whiskers and his other senses function together in tandem, which makes Louie’s blindness less of a challenge.

The fact that Louie is dealing with some health issues has not deterred him from his goal of living life to the fullest.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to watch a lovely video of Louie in action, because you won’t want to miss it! He is now a gorgeous and fluffy adult cat that takes great pleasure in keeping watch over his owners.


Photo Courtesy of Ban Tin

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