The Amazing and fashionable A-frame

The Black A-frame may be reached by car in ten minutes and on foot in ten minutes from both Pabai Lake and the coast. This location is peaceful and offers a high level of comfort.



There is a terrace outside where you may take in the enchanted view of the forest and listen to the sounds of the birds.

There is a hot tub located next the cottage, and if you are interested, you can rent it for an additional fee of 70 euros.

In the event that the temperature is at or below +5 degrees, the hot tub will be unavailable.

For those of you who have never used a wood stove before, we have included detailed instructions within our cozy cabin.

If you would like, you can let us know when you anticipate arriving at the house so that we can start preheating it before you get here. Once you are here, you can continue heating the house on your own.

People who value tranquility, natural beauty, and proximity to the outdoors will find the location to be a true treasure.

The location is very lovely, and the design was clearly put a lot of thought into. A trip here is an absolute necessity if you are going to be in the Sigulda region or along the Latvian coast.

The cabin was enchanted, and we had a great time soaking in the hot tub. The location is ideal, and Liga was quite helpful, as we arrived late, and she ensured that the hot tub was ready for us to use so that we could relax there.

This location is so warm and inviting. The vista that can be seen from the riverside cabin is just stunning. The setting was perfect for us in every way.

There was a power outage in the neighborhood, but the host promptly contacted the power crew to replace it. As a result, we were able to spend the rest of our time making full use of all of the house’s amenities.

The wood stove is an incredible piece of equipment. The cabin is not particularly large, but it is really fashionable, cozy, and comfy.

The small black cottage with an A-frame that we slept in was really nice and comfortable, and it was located in a breathtaking natural location.

The inside design is just breathtaking, the scenery of the woods and stream that surround the hot tub is absolutely picture-perfect, and the view that can be enjoyed from the hot tub is beautiful in all directions.

The A-frame House is in a beautiful place.



The A-frame home enjoys a breathtaking setting, with a view that extends out over a placid lake and is surrounded on all sides by towering trees. The house itself is designed in the shape of an A.

The construction is designed in the shape of a triangle, which not only makes a bold architectural statement but also blends in nicely with the natural beauty of its surroundings. This shape draws the viewer’s attention to the structure.

The interior of the structure is made brighter as a result of the significant amount of natural light that is enabled to enter through the massive panoramic windows. These windows, in addition, offer breathtaking perspectives of the picturesque scenery that can be seen beyond the building.

 Those in quest of tranquility and seclusion in the embrace of mother nature may find this A-frame house, with its uncomplicated layout and endearingly quaint appearance, to be the ideal retreat.

This home provides a refuge in which one may properly reacquaint oneself with the peace and quiet of their surrounding surroundings, making it a perfect spot to do so because it gives such a sanctuary.

This may be accomplished in a number of different ways, such as spending a chilly evening cuddled up by the fireplace or making the most of the extensive deck space that is available.

 Both of these options are good ways to accomplish this goal. Both of these choices are wonderful ways to decompress and take some time for yourself to relax.

The lovely A-frame provides a really relaxing atmosphere.



The cabin was lovely, and it was just the thing for a quiet getaway with the girls.

There was not much to do in the immediate neighborhood, but a list of activities and attractions that could be enjoyed further afield was sent in advance via mail and printed out in the cabin.

Even though we had been given very specific directions, on the first day of our trip, we were running behind schedule and had a difficult time locating the cabin.

The actual cabin was wonderful, and the responses to our text messages were always prompt and kind. Ants were able to get inside the cabin due to its location in the middle of nature; however, we did not find them to be a nuisance as long as no food or drinks were left out in the open within the cabin.

The property was ideal for spending the weekend away with a group of close friends. We were a group of five people and were able to sleep without any issues.

 The house was immaculately tidy and odorless, and the kitchen was stocked with a wide variety of high-quality gadgets.

Each night, all five of us were able to take warm showers thanks to the enormous boiler that was provided in the contemporary and spotless bathroom.

We spent a lot of extremely pleasant time in front of the fireplace, which added to the overall ambiance of the resort, which is stunningly gorgeous.

The proprietors are wonderful people, and I had a wonderful time communicating with them.

It would have been nice to have some smaller pans for cooking, and the beds were a bit cramped and made a lot of noise when you tried to flip over on the other side.

The Stunning A-Frame Designer with a Jacuzzi



This cabin is an A-Frame design. MidPark is the epitome of Rural Scottish Chic and benefits from beautiful views across the Deveron Valley. It was designed by our Designer In Residence and was built by our Design Team.

The king-sized bed and British and Scottish designer furniture can be found inside the cabin, which gets its heat from a wood-burning furnace imported from Scandinavia.

The hot tub in the cabin is heated by wood, and both cooking and dining can be done outside.

The A-frame has nice seating, and the sheep are adorable to look at. It is easy to go to other sections of the region from here, despite the fact that it is located in a rural part of the area.

The location was exactly as stated; it was clean, roomy, and well-equipped with all of the conveniences that anyone could require. The surrounding environment was very quiet.

The estate has gorgeous grounds, each of which is suitable for a pleasant stroll on its own, so that you won’t even have to leave the property to go exploring in the surrounding area.

The cabin is adjacent to the main house but still maintains a high level of privacy and tranquility; also, the inside is rather quaint and homey.

The cottage is extremely comfortable and has everything we needed, the kitchen is very clean The deck at the back of the cabin is a beautiful sun trap, where we were able to have lunch outside without a coat even in October!

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