The A-Frame style framework of the loft

The Loft, which can be found in the midst of Kashmir’s vibrant environment, offers a one-of-a-kind and elegant A-frame architecture that seamlessly mixes nature and luxury to create an experience that will be remembered for a very long time.



This establishment’s elaborate interiors and luxurious amenities are sure to captivate your senses and leave you in utter awe of your surroundings.

 Treat yourself to some scrumptious Kashmiri kahwa, get your groove on to some tunes on your record player, and show off your culinary abilities in the kitchen by cooking mouthwatering foods that you and your guests can enjoy together.

Even from within their own rooms, visitors are treated to a spectacular view of the mountains and forests that are located in the immediate area.

In addition, there is a lovely grass that offers the perfect setting for relaxing with a drink as the sun goes down while gazing in awe at the wonderful beauty that can be seen all around you.

Because of the incredible chances that are available in this region, you will undoubtedly be forever changed as a result of the experiences that you have had here.

 Your every want will be fulfilled, whether it is to go apple picking, to go on an off-roading adventure, or simply to get comfy by a bonfire while gazing up at the beautiful stars in the night sky.

Our fantastic English and Irish breakfasts, as well as our outstanding home-style cooking, will not only satisfy your hunger, but they will also fulfill any and all gastronomic desires you may have.

The Warm and Inviting A-Frame Villa



The warm and pleasant A-frame home, which offers a superb architectural design and a tranquil atmosphere, extends a friendly greeting to visitors in a courteous manner. The arrangement of the rooms in the house is similar to the letter A.

This picture-perfect getaway perfectly exemplifies the words “peace and quiet” as a result of its location in the heart of a beautiful forest.

After passing through the stunning wooden doors, one is met by a sizable living area that is outfitted with enormous windows that let the natural light spread across the entire space.

The exposed beams are the very first thing that everyone sees when they enter the room, and they lend both personality and a feeling of coziness to the space.

The open floor plan of the villa, which creates a sense of oneness between the living and dining areas, allows for a connection that is not only smooth but also quite comfortable.

This is owed to the fact that the living and dining areas are connected to one another.

The A-frame villa is the ideal setting for anyone who seeks to strike a balance between spending time by themselves and taking part in lively conversation with friends and family. This location satisfies the needs of those in search of a happy medium.

It is the kind of place where wonderful recollections are created, where the sound of people laughing can be heard throughout the space, and where the most important thing is to relax and let your worries melt away.

This A-frame house is cute and full of personality.



This adorable, character-filled A-frame home would appeal to the nature lovers as it is placed on a private block with reserve at rear providing for a bush setting, yet you are only minutes away from Kianinny Bay and the pristine waters of Tathra Beach.

The home is set on a private block with reserve at rear allowing for a bush setting.

Open plan living space on the ground floor, where you can take in the scenery of the garden. On the upper level, you’ll find the very charming,

On this level you will find the main bedroom, which has a queen bed, as well as the second bedroom, which has a single bed.

The French doors in the main bedroom open, so you can let the summer breeze wash over you while you sleep on those hot summer nights. The studio apartment has a queen-sized bed and is located just outside the back door.

It was such a wonderful experience to stay here. I really like how the bush is just outside the rear gate. Excellently prepared. A home away from home that couldn’t be better.

The house was gorgeous, and the setting was really peaceful. The stay was enjoyable in general.

This charming little piece of heaven has a darling small separate room that is located in an outbuilding in the backyard.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are; the setting is perfect for them. Extremely close proximity to the mountain biking paths

Out the back door, there is a walking path that winds along the coast and eventually leads to the port. It is a wonderful place to stay for the weekend or for a longer period of time.

The garden features a small A-frame home.



At the very end of our garden is where you’ll find our little A-frame cabin that we call the Mango Nest. This super-chilled bedroom, which spans 12 square meters, is a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A spot to hang a towel and a pair of side tables are included in this space. If you wish to laze in the sun in the garden, there are two rattan seats that you can put there.

The bathroom itself is a modest space, but it has been thoughtfully designed and has its own personality.

If you wish to make anything on the grill and use our outdoor seating area when the weather is nice, you can find a refrigerator, grill, and utensils in the cabinet that is located in the main house hallway.

Even at night, the village is peaceful, and the garden features an abundance of illumination.

 Because the garden is situated at a lower level than the road, those who are exercising or walking their dogs will have a clear view into the garden.

This location is ideal for getting away to the great outdoors. I have nothing but praise for this establishment, and we will definitely go back if we’re ever in the neighborhood again.

The location was very secluded and quiet, the property was immaculate, and it was surrounded by lush greeneries; it was unquestionably the ideal place to detach from the outside world.

We were able to relax and refuel because the environment allowed us to feel at home and was connected to the natural world. Everything was just how it was described, and they appeared to be in the images to a tee.

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