The A-frame of the Mountains as seen from here

The A-frame that the mountains have built may be seen from this vantage point in the landscape. Geed was very helpful in coordinating the Mount Batur Sunrise Hike for us, as well as the rental of a scooter and transportation to the next destination.



Everything performed just as it should have given the circumstances. The hike was such a fun way to spend the day outside in the fresh air.

The staff was very friendly and willing to assist in any way they could.

Our stay at Gede’s was filled with many happy moments for us. He was a delightful host, and everyone on his staff was delightful as well.

He arranged for us to go on a climb up Mount Batur, drove us to our next property, and made sure that we could check in there as well. In addition, he gave us a ride to our next villa.

In spite of the fact that there were a lot of flies during the day, which was to be expected given that the villa is situated in a rural location, this was not a problem in the evening.

The site was spotless, and it had a cozy, comfortable feel to it. Gede was quite helpful to us and made sure that we had everything we needed, including a ride in a taxi to Amed. He was very friendly to us.

There are a significant number of flies, as stated in the information that was shown in the booking details.

As a consequence of this, we had a tendency to either remain indoors or travel to regions that were some distance away from the fields where fresh manure was being produced.

The weather was incredibly nice the entire time we were there; however, the temperature in our room increased to levels that were unpleasant throughout the day, and we were unable to open the windows or doors because there were flies present.

The temperature soared to levels that were uncomfortable the entire time we were there.

The sea may be seen in front of the A-frame.



The sea can be seen in front of the A-frame, and its majestic appearance has the potential to captivate anyone who takes the time to study the breadth to which it reaches.

The A-frame structure, which is easily identifiable due to its towering height and distinctive triangular form, offers the perfect vantage point from which to observe the ever-changing ebb and flow of the ocean’s moods.

The structure can be easily recognized by its towering height. The construction is easily distinguishable from others due to the peculiar triangular shape it possesses.

It is very simple to identify the construction due to the fact that it is extremely tall and has a remarkable triangle shape.

 The rhythm of the calming waves, which are a turquoise hue and are crashing on the shoreline, combines perfectly with the rhythm of the cadence of the gentle wind, which is a rhythm that works nicely with the rhythm of the crashing waves.

The tempo of the waves, which are a hue called turquoise, is an excellent match for the rhythm of the breeze, which is not particularly turbulent.

They are able to produce a more aesthetically pleasing tone in their songs when they collaborate.

With the passage of time, the A-frame transforms into more than just a place to rest one’s head; it also serves as a direct link to the unspoiled beauty and raw strength of the terrain that lies in front of them.

The A-frame provides an unrivaled front-row seat to the mesmerizing world of the water. Because of this, it is the perfect location from which to see a stunning sunrise, watch seagulls gracefully glide over the waves, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet by yourself.

Private A-frame cabin with its own pool and kitchen



Greetings from the first cabin! In Amadeo, Cavite, you’ll find our secluded cottage tucked away on a property that spans 1,200 square meters.

The tranquil haven that is Cabin A is located only a few minutes outside of the bustling city. In our quaint cabin, you may take in the refreshing breeze and the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest.

In addition to a garden and a dipping pool, the walled-in property features an outdoor kitchen and dining area. 

Our rustic cottage consists of a single room, a living area, a bathroom and a toilet, and a loft with sleeping space for six to eight people. 

The parking area has space for a maximum of two cars, with an additional two spots available along the driveway.

A-frame house is for people who love nature.



This adorable, character-filled A-frame home would appeal to the nature lovers as it is placed on a private block with reserve at rear providing for a bush setting, yet you are only minutes away from Kianinny Bay and the pristine waters of Tathra Beach.

The home is set on a private block with reserve at rear allowing for a bush setting.

We had a wonderful time spending the weekend away with our dogs. We really like having the property back up to a forest and having the ability to walk along the water into town.

The house was gorgeous, and the setting was really peaceful. The stay was enjoyable in general.

This charming little piece of heaven has a darling small separate room that is located in an outbuilding in the backyard.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are; the setting is perfect for them. Very close proximity to the trails for mountain biking.

This is a pleasant and homey place to stay that lives up to its billing in every way. It was a pleasure to exchange ideas and information with Steve and Ruth.

The family had a good time both on the nature walk that began at the gate in the backyard and went around the cliffs and on the trip to the pub that was at the opposite end.

There is a path through the woods that can be accessed directly from the backyard that leads to a boat ramp that leads to water that is crystal clean and extremely enjoyable to swim in.

Because the location was wazeable, finding it was not difficult at all. The location was very stunning, and the grounds offered enough of space for accommodating both small and large gatherings of friends and family.

 It was kind to the natural world. If you bring your four-legged companions with you, they will have a good time here as well.

The internet was quick, and all of the utensils and other culinary items that are listed in their description are available to purchase, such as spoons, forks, and so on.

The acreage is large, and the A-frame cabin is a good size for the space. We spent the majority of our time during the visit making use of the outside kitchen and dining area, both of which we found to be extremely enjoyable.

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