The A-frame has been installed in the individual cabin.

Our A-frame can be found in the secluded cabin hamlet of Timber Lane Village, which is only a few minutes away from Stevens Pass Ski Resort and a number of the most popular hiking spots in the Central Cascades.



The upscale cabin neighborhood of Timber Lane Village is home to an A-frame, which has a total area of 1100 square feet and an A-frame floor plan.

This community takes great pleasure in the fact that it is the cabin community that is situated in the region of Steven’s Pass that is geographically closest to the ski resort.

Guests who are looking for a home away from home that also provides easy access to the slopes will find this traditional A-frame to be the right refuge to stay in during their time spent on the mountain.

Guests who are looking for convenient access to the slopes.

Trails located inside the neighborhood of Timber Lane Village, which are situated on the South Fork of the Skykomish River, provide access to a community beach that is reserved exclusively for residents.

Even though they have only been there for a short while, the picnic tables and barbecues at this beach give some of the most stunning views of the river and the woodlands that are found in the surrounding area.

In the loft on the upper level of the cabin, there is now a brand-new queen bed, and in the living room, there is now a very comfy twin long day bed. Both of these additions were made recently.

The vacation rental comes fully furnished with everything you would need.

Our time spent at the cabin was every bit as enjoyable as was depicted on the website, and the structure of the cottage itself is endearing and is kept in excellent condition.

It’s really sunny in the sitting area of the A-frame.



The A-frame addition to the house lets in a great deal of natural light, which is beneficial not only for the sitting room but also for the remainder of the house.

The A-frame shelters a seating area that is illuminated by a sizeable portion of the natural light that is available from the surroundings.

This vantage point offers a stunning panorama of the landscape that extends in every direction around you.

The perfect pastime for a man and his wife to take part in jointly! In addition to having an impeccable cleanliness and a well-organized layout, it was equipped with any and all current convenience features.

The accommodations were really comfortable, and I liked that there were stunning vistas at multiple critical junctures along the way to this destination on the way there. The natural beauty of the area was stunning.

In addition, as a result of its elevation, the mornings brought brilliantly clear skies and temperatures that were just right, while the evenings and nights were bone-chillingly cold.

The host is incredibly warm and helpful, the atmosphere is breathtaking, and the food is out of this world.

One needed to walk uphill for ten to fifteen minutes in order to reach their destination. It was impossible to reach that location by any other means. There was no other way to go to that spot at all, and it was impossible.

The hot tub-equipped A-frame patio



Our peaceful A-Frame Cabin with appealing amenities is waiting for you in the middle of the Apuseni Mountains. It features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an open floor plan.

The located in an area that is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural surroundings and provides access to a number of hiking trails with breathtaking vistas.

A stunning log cabin hidden in the woods, fully furnished with all the comforts of home and offering breathtaking panoramas that are guaranteed to steal your breath away.

Amazing geographic location! On two separate occasions, we traveled here during the colder months of winter and again during the warmer months of summer. It is undeniable that it is beautiful during each and every season.

The cabin has a lot of personality and is equipped with all the modern comforts that one could need. I’d want to offer my sincere congratulations to Adi and Michelle on the magnificent location that they’ve constructed.

The Located smack dab in the heart of the mountain range, this is an absolutely magnificent setting. Stunning home and the natural beauty that surrounds it

This quaint little cabin is just stunning all the way through. The amount of effort that had clearly been put into the design of each and every component of the cabins astounded us, and it was the primary reason for our surprise.

It is simultaneously one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited as well as one of the most relaxing settings I have ever experienced.

The Home is a very homey cabin that’s located in a rural setting.



This A-frame cabin in Romania is a hidden gem that can be discovered tucked away in the hills on the outskirts of the Carpathian Mountains.

The cabin is located in Romania. In this picture-perfect environment, you’ll discover our small cabana tucked away it’s the ideal hideaway for anyone wishing to get away from it all while yet being surrounded by the majesty of nature.

Along with every other component, the natural and breathable linens have been painstakingly picked in order to provide our guests with a pleasant experience while they are immersed in the natural environment.

The actual A-frame that was used It is a fantastic place, and our time there, which lasted for four days, was nothing short of incredible.

The home has a charming appearance and has been meticulously cleaned, and the surrounding area is breathtaking.

This location is a really magnificent A-frame house with a beautiful garden and a lot of additional objects, including, amongst other things, a BBQ area, fire pit, kids’ corner, darts, and ping pong.

The location was exactly as mentioned in the description; it was quite elegantly planned out and roomy, and the courtyard was very vast and packed with a variety of facilities that were of great use. The location was perfect.

We had a great time sitting around the fire pit, preparing our meals on the disc, and watching the boys play ping pong.

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