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Sustainable Arctic DOME HOME With BIG Mountain View

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In the episode, we will see Sustainable Arctic DOME HOME With BIG Mountain View located in Norway

This is a DOME home it’s right on the beach so we have a nice view and we can just run down to the beach and have a swim, and the dome is also the most expensive part of the house but it shelters the house from wind and rain so we don’t ever have to do anything about the outside of the house because it doesn’t get exposed to the weather.

And the dome we have vents on top of the dome that opens up, they are 45 meters long and there are two of them and they come into the greenhouse They take air from down by the sea and the air in and it will be sucked around like this in the winter.

The bedroom

This is a second floor this is where our boy room and we also have the terrace on the floor.

And this is your second bedroom it is small but it is very beautiful and you see the piano and play or listen to it and you also have a bed here it is very cool.

the bathroom

There’s your bathroom you have stones on the floor from the beach we have cob wall, like in the rest of the house which is great for the bathroom because they absorb the moisture very well, Actually it the bathroom smell so good in here and behind the sink and the bathtub and also inside the shower, which is a stone polished lime plaster that can be breath, but it’s waterproof and this is your shower in here.

the living area

In the living room, the walls of the house are cob walls, which are a mixture of clay, sand, and straw As you can see the walls are very thick and Massive when living inside a greenhouse that is a good idea, The House won’t get too hot when it’s sunny outside because of these thick massive walls that will store that could from then night and during the day they will heat up and store the heat during the day.

Dome home

This table’s very pretty much all our furniture It’s made of driftwood and the chair are secondhand we also made this chandelier from driftwood and you can have dinner with your family in here that very cool and comfortable in here.

Dome home

the kitchen of this DOME home

The kitchen is made from leftover wood we built it to fit into this very organic-shaped room it wasn’t very easy because we don’t any straight no corners it’s just round shapes but we can cook in there too.

Dome home

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