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Superb Urban Tiny house with Garage Door & Secret Bed

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Hello, everybody!
In this episode, we will see an Urban Tiny House with a garage door and secret bed in East Nashville, TN United States.

There is a growing movement of people who are choosing to live in tiny houses. Tiny houses are defined as homes that are no more than 350 square feet in size. This is a growing trend because it allows people to live in a smaller space and have more control over their environment.

The Exterior

The exterior looks beautiful there are huge windows on the front and you even have a garage door on this side and we all love garage doors and tiny houses so that’s pretty cool I think so we can walk along this path on your steps and we can walk into your tiny house and see what the layout is all about when you walk in here.

The Living Room of the Tiny House

The first space is the living room slash bedroom, you might be wondering where the bed is but there is a couch that you can sit on and enjoy.

The unique thing about this is this couch slides out and the bed uh comes with it the bed is stored underneath the kitchen actually if you see here you kind of step up into the kitchen space that is because the bedroom is right underneath it so you slide this out and your queen size bed is revealed.

When you’re done for the day you can open this up and you have your bed and this conserves a lot of space actually and the rest of the area in here is really spacious for a tiny house.

Another incredible thing about the space is all the windows you see of course you can close all of them because you are on the street.

You can leave them all open the natural lighting is really good in here and for more natural light.

The Garage Door

You have the garage door on the other side you can just unlock it and lift it and this lets you look out into the courtyard area or if you just want to open up your tiny house this is such a unique and great thing to have.

If you don’t even want to open it up you can leave it closed it’s just like a wall you can’t see through the windows and that is really nice but you can have it open up in the summer to let some air roll in and be a little bit more access to the other tiny houses it is really cool I love this feature.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen space up here is a kitchenette over on the left side I love the blue cabinets and you have a sink and you even have a cooktop and then they provide your coffee necessities here with the ironwood grove roast this is our coffee for their tiny houses.

That is a feature you’ll see in all of these tiny houses it looks great and on the back side of this, you have two seating spots to eat at or work at or just to overlook your living room space you will see that there is a ladder right here for your loft.

The loft is just used as storage but it could be turned into a whole other bedroom so there could be four people sleeping here but it’s just two any way you can walk down the steps back here and there is a closet space to hang up any clothes or put any bags here.

The Bathroom

Through this door is your tiled bathroom I’ve never seen a tiled bathroom look like this it is beautiful from the white penny tile literally everywhere and you have the red penny tile strip that goes throughout the entire bathroom it’s cool looking.



The two huge mirrors on this wall and you have your vanity and that is it for this tiny house suite it is an incredible layout I’ve never seen anything like this.

You can rent this beautiful tiny house for $195 per night.

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