Superb Minimalist Tiny House On Wheels in France

In this episode, we will see a Superb Minimalist Tiny House in France

This charming tiny house on wheels sits on the most spectacular property with a million-dollar view surrounded by trees and the river as well.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The construction of this house is very beautiful with cedar and metal on the exterior creating a striking architectural look while the interior has been kept wonderfully open and spacious in its design.

This tiny house on wheels is about six-meter fifty long and two meters fifty large it is the maximum length and the weight is less than three tons it’s super easy on the road.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside is very beautiful and feels warm as well at the same time there are two windows on the right side, which make this house feel cozier.

There is a work-from-home setup on the right side so you can do your work here and enjoy the outside.
There is a comfortable couch right next to the wall with some floating shelves to store books.Tiny house

The Kitchen Space

This is a big kitchen space there are a lot of kitchen utensils on the right side, you got a little countertop with a little sink right above and a window and then you got some storage and some floating shelves as well.

On this side, is the second countertop you got a stovetop and some storage right behind, and then your oven with some drawers underneath.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is quite spacious there are a lot of baskets storage and a closet to store your clothes.

This is your shower space it’s a full-size shower the tiling is very bright and beautiful and modern, on the other side is your composting toilet.

The Loft of the Tiny House

This sleeping loft is very unique and beautiful it’s bright and spacious as well there is a king-size bed on the right side, with a low window right behind and then you got a second sleeping space as well.Tiny houseWe hope you enjoyed the articles.
Thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House

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