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Superb 240sqft Shipping Container House in Waco, Texas

In this episode, we will see a Superb 20sqft Shipping Container House in Waco Texas

Superb 240sqft Shipping Container House in Waco, Texas

This superb tiny shipping container house is located in Waco, Texas, United State it’s 20-feet-long and 8-feet-wide this container is very cute and aesthetic that use the space very well.

The Exterior of Shipping Container House

The exterior design of this shipping container home is very interesting they added wood to the outside of this container which is a pretty nice aesthetic, this is the only area where people add wood to the outside of the container.

These two doors are just massive windows that are the original container doors which are very cool you can open up both of these and it very open up this container.

There is a little deck in the front and there’s an awning up at the top of the deck that stick out a little bit and then you got the rooftop as well containing a couple of chairs for you to enjoy the view of this property.

Inside of Shipping Container House

The inside of this shipping container house is pretty small but it’s a modern and stylish design, the first thing you walk into is the living area which is also your bedroom area.

It first converted as the living room area so you got your couch right here and your TV and underneath that you have some baskets that hold different stuff you also got the guest book.You can fold your couch down become to your bedroom area it’s very unique and very nice use of space in this home.

The Kitchenette of Shipping Container House

This is your kitchen space is pretty tiny there is a countertop space it takes up this whole side of this container, the huge windows take some nice light.There are a lot of kitchen utensil that you need there is a microwave and all the drawers underneath and a nice sink and then you got a dining area on the other side, it’s a bar styl facing with the huge window above that.

The Bathroom

The last part of this shipping container is your bathroom is very bright and clean there is your vanity on the right with a toilet and the other side is your full-size shower space.

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