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Superb 160sqft Shipping Container Home!

In this episode, we will see a Superb 20 Shipping Container Home

This superb 160sqft shipping container home is located in Hawking Hills, Ohio.

This superb 160sqft shipping container home is located in Hawking Hills, Ohio and this tiny house is made and owned by hillside retreats they also have a few other yurts on the property as well.

Superb 160sqft Shipping Container Home

The Exterior of Shipping Container Home

This shipping container home is just 160sqft and there is decking all around it and you got a rooftop deck with a couple of seating options up here as well you can enjoy a nature view and fresh air.

This is your deck area there are some seating options you got a table right in the middle with 2 comfy chairs and then your hot tub on the left you can enjoy it here with the sound of the animal and look at the leaves.

Inside of the Shipping Container Home

This is a 160sqft shipping container home that is not too big but itโ€™s very beautiful and stylish.

This is your living room space this space is all illuminated by this huge sliding glass door that leads out into the other part of your deck.

You got a huge comfy couch with a couple of shelves and then your desk and the last part is your TV and a mini fireplace so you can pull out this couch to your bed as well.

There is a kitchen area located in the middle of this home you have some countertop options and some things on the countertop like some utensils,

On this side, there are some knives and your coffee maker, and then your sink is right in the middle and you got some cabinets below as well.

The Bathroom of the Shipping Container Home

This is your tiny bathroom itโ€™s very bright and clean, on the right side, you got a toilet
and then on the other side, there is your vanity space.shipping container home

shipping container home shipping container home

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