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SUPER MODERN Tiny House in New York

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In the episode, we will see Retired Couple’s Super Custom Zero Waste Tiny House located in New York City.

This 300 square foot zero waste tiny house was custom-built for a newly retired couple. It has a massive rooftop deck to create some extra outdoor living space, and it has a unique floor plan that includes a raised living room with a view, and two reverse lofts that eliminate the need for ladders.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, you can see a counter and we have our indoor composter here, and here’s our compost bucket which is recessed in the counter you also have a microwave a sink and we have a small freezer in our storage area and the window standing upright bright.

The Bedroom

In this tiny house and we don’t have a loft and you can see a loft, there is we bedroom so you can see a beautiful bed and the light is bright, and then in the head bedroom we have a window that is bright and very cool then you can enjoy your sleeping over here.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of the tiny house

In our room we have a washer and dryer combo it’s a 110 feature it’s super energy efficient it and the toilet sink combo and washing our hands is typically clean water, it is very clean and you can get a shower in here.

Tiny house


tiny house

The Living room

This is a super comfortable couch but also they specialize in things for small and around the living room you have a TV and you got a great view around you so we could probably sleep six people and there’s enough floor space.

Tiny house

The Roof of the tiny house

The roof deck opens up a whole new world for us because now we instantly have 600 square feet of usable space and you could see next year possibly now that we’re tracking the sun and all around the tiny house there’s a tree.

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