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Super Massive Shipping Container Home with Unique Sauna.

In this episode, we will see a Super Massive Shipping Container Home with Unique Sauna.

Super Massive Shipping Container Home with Unique Sauna

This shipping container home is made up of seven containers and has five bedrooms and it can sleep up to 12 guests in total located in Rockbridge, Ohio.

The Exterior of Shipping Container Home

The front exterior of the massive shipping container home combines both the slick black paint job, with some wood finishing, and at the back, you can see the seven different shipping containers.
shipping container home

The Interior of Shipping Container Home

When you first enter, you will see the outdoor patio space there on the right, and then your kitchen space.

You have a huge countertop area with four stools beneath it and on the other side is your other countertop space, first up you have a high-end fridge and freezer,

On this side are your coffee maker and water heater and a few other items on this countertop space and then your microwave and a stove top with an oven.

The Living room

This living space is very spacious there are a lot of windows to get some natural light into this house and on the middle side,

There is the largest table with 10 chairs and then your floating fireplace and your L-shape couch with a coffee table.Shipping Container Shipping Container Shipping Container

Shipping Container

The Bathroom of the Shipping Container Home

This is a first and spacious bathroom you have a nice peach-colored sink and some beautiful tiling and then your toilet and your shower include a bench and some more railing.

The First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom of this shipping container home there is a bed next to the wall it’s a queen-size bed and right behind this is your storage space.

The Second Bedroom

This one is a very unique design you have your comfortable bed next to the wall and some pillows and picture frames.

The Third Bedroom

This bedroom is a similar design to the last bedroom.

The Fourth Bedroom

The Fifth Bedroom

The Outdoor Space of Shipping Container Home

This outdoor patio space is very spacious you have another floating fireplace along with four chairs and then your sitting options and the best part of here is your gigantic hot tub and your six-person sauna.

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