Such a Stunning Cat And Loving

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An abandoned Persian cat wanders for months before being reunited with her loving family.

Please welcome Augustus, better known by his nickname, “Gus Gus”! Nashville, Tennessee, is home to this gorgeous Persian stray.

It’s hard to imagine that such a handsome and affable cat as Gus Gus was abandoned for months.

Below, Madeline, his human mother, tells us all about him.


First Sight Love I fostered Augustus, a cat from Fluff Nashville, for the first time.


We settled on the name Augustus because, like Gus Gus in Cinderella, he’s a bit of a kook.

Nobody is a stranger to him. As soon as they enter, sweet Gus greets them.


Our visitors, the veterinarian, and the cat groomer all adore him.

Gus has brought us so much happiness and laughter; he is the perfect addition to our family.


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