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Stunning Tiny House With Gorgeous Interior Design.

In this episode, we will see The Stunning Tiny House With Gorgeous Interior Design.

tiny houseThis stunning tiny house is very beautiful it was built by tom, he was just 17 years old, this tiny house is just five meters chassis by two and a half meters wide.
Tiny house

The outside is very unique there is a front porch area with 2 comfortable chairs and a table where you can sit and enjoy the natural view and the pure air.

The Living room of the Tiny House

The living room of this tiny house is very charming there is a comfy couch it’s a beautiful design you can sit here and watch some Netflix on the TV opposite this comfy couch and the back side, there is beautiful art. There is a fireplace on the right side it is all-black with a huge window behind it to get some natural light into this tiny house and get some pure air as well and there is a guitar which you can play when you are free time.

Behind this, there is a pull-out table where you can enjoy some meals and do some work in here as well.

The Kitchen Space of the Tiny House

This kitchen is not too big but it still has everything you need there is a countertop with a huge sink and some glass and on the other side there is a stovetop which you can cook
some meals.

There are a lot of cabinets underneath the counter and you also have your fridge it’s a small size fridge and above it, there is an oven and a lot of your kitchen utensils.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This little bathroom just has a toilet and a shower with a window and it’s a very bright and beautiful bathroom.

The Loft Area

This loft is very small but it is comfortable and cozy there is a beautiful sleeping area it’s very comfortable and on the other side, there is a window and a cabinet which you can put anything in if you want.

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