Stunning Tiny House with 2 Lofts & Indoor Swing at 400sqft

Hello everyone, in this episode, we’re going to show a stunning tiny house with 2 lofts and an indoor swing at 400 sq ft from Swannanoa, North Carolina, United States.

This beautiful tiny house is surrounded by trees and nature. Whenever you look upon it you’ll see how majestic it looks and how cozy this cabin tiny house really is.

Walking down the path to this tiny house at night it is lit by the string lights that go right up to the cabin. There’s a small porch area, this is where you walk into a couple of things that stand out here. The black wood was done by Japanese technique to make this wood black and give it this certain look and a lot of the wood has been repurposed from old barn wood or actually found on properties that are dead trees and they’ve been cut and used for this tiny house which is really awesome. On the left side, you have a small fire pit area to enjoy with your family.

Inside this Tiny House

When you first walk in on the left side is a small foyer area, there’s a small bench you can sit down and get your goes all undone and they provide some slippers under here for you, and up above they provide some books and a couple of baskets. The kitchen area and dining space area this is the iconic place. This place is very popular. There are a couple of shelves that are sunk in the wood just overall this looks phenomenal and beautiful definitely picturesque and even romantic and unique for a couple’s getaway.

The Living Room Space

In this super cool living room everything in here I think is unique I’ve never seen any of this before and it is so well crafted and on the left side, you have this huge ladder that leads up to your loft.  There is a huge 300-pound slab of oak and a couple of cushions for seating you might notice that the oak and even the railings are black this is still wood and it’s not painted black the host used a Japanese technique where they used black ink to dye the wood that keeps the texture of the wood and really keeps the wood looking like how it looked but just black instead of to have a swing in a tiny house it just adds to the vibe and just the uniqueness of this place.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen area also has black walnut wood for the cabinets. The cabinets are very high quality you open them up and they have the cooking utensils and there’s a pretty unique fridge the top drawer is a fridge the bottom drawer is a freezer. There are a couple of shelves on the right side of this beautiful homemade shelf that holds all of your spices. The shelf behind the sink and everything has some more of your dishes these dishes and cups and plates are really nice because it’s locally made pottery and it is very high quality.

The Bedroom

On the other side of this tiny house on the bottom level is the main sleeping area. On the left side, you have a couple of built-in shelves which were so handy, and this really cool piece of work. Up above the bed you might notice that the ladder was slanted and then now it goes straight up to the ceiling they didn’t have to do that, it is a beautiful ladder so it adds more character to this tiny house and just the fact that the ladder bends midway just shows the beautiful craftsmanship of this house.


The Bathroom

This is a full bathroom, you got a vanity and a couple of shelves in the toilet, and on the other side is a huge shower with beautiful tiling from around the shower and even on the ground there are a couple of windows in here but anything through these windows which is really nice.

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Thanks to Levi Kelly | Airbnb

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