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STUNNING TINY HOUSE Village And It Transformed

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In the episode, we will see a STUNNING TINY HOUSE Village and it Transformed located in New York.

This Tiny house is a 1500 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom, kind of normal house. And now I live in a tiny house and I love it. So this is actually my second house. I think the tiny house movement presents so many of us with an amazing life-changing opportunity to live a minimal, simple lifestyle. For me, it means freedom.  

The kitchen of the tiny house

This is a galley kitchen. It’s really just made for, you know, making coffee or snacks. But I actually do have included enough equipment where people could make um, full meals as well. The sink is actually, for Ikea I really like it because it’s actually big enough to fit pots and pans. I didn’t want everything to be really square, wanted it to be sort of soft and memorable. This is a refrigerator that I also love because of the fact that it actually has a dedicated freezer and surprise, My refrigerator is stocked with wine right here where we’re standing, we’re actually within 15 minutes of 10 wine-tasting rooms.

The Bathroom of the tiny house

The bathroom is as tiny can be okay for this tiny so we have a tub it’s almost too small to be functional so our guests can wash their dogs or their babies but The little tub shower and for a small, as it is actually feels pretty comfortable as far as you know, so we also have shampoos and soaps.

Tiny house

The bedroom

This is your bedroom slash. Lounge, I guess you could call it. The bed frame itself lifts up so that when people want to put their luggage away, it’s pretty easy. Actually, I had a custom mattress that was made specifically for this exact space, so it’s not a queen and it’s not a double, it’s actually a custom mattress because I wanted it to fill the entire space and not have big gaps one way or the other.  

Tiny house

This actually used to be a bathroom cabinet, which was over the sink of my boyfriend’s parents’ house. That was built in the 1940s. So I hauled this cabinet out of a house in Washington state and brought it down here and refurbished it. Everything here is customized in somewhere though.  

Tiny house

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