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Stunning Tiny House on wheels

In the episode, we will see a Couple Escape The City For Spectacular Tiny House Country Life located in North America and Europe.

This Tiny House size is it this is a 7.2-meter model so 7.2 meters in length it’s 4.2 high and 2.4 light so it’s you know one of the bigger ones and you got really big feature window at the front that shows the view with the bush lots of windows in the Loft and a skylight.

The Living room

In this room, you got a giant window literally the biggest and you got a cute couch and TV so you can enjoy Netflix and natural plants.

The Kitchen in this Tiny house

This is your kitchen so you have a dishwasher and a black sink and a lot of countertops and you can see a machine coffee.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of this Tiny house

In this room, you got a lot of bench space, and you can see a sink and the plan in here and then the toilet and the full shower in here.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of this Tiny house

This bed is really large so you can sleep with your couple and the window either side we get a lot of airflows.

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