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STUNNING Tiny House On Wheels

In the episode, we will see a Stunning Tiny House on wheels located in North America and Europe.

This Tiny house is the idea of the perfect location for us to start build the building process was pretty slow at the start because neither of us had a whole lot of experience, this tiny house we have the surrounding window around the entire thing so it’s always really bright there.

And this house is 24 feet long and it’s about eight and a half feet wide it’s got there axles we think the estimated weight is around 14,000 pounds square footage is about 240 that includes the loft currently we are parked next to my parent’s house which is a nice because we can run water and power and a cord for the internet.

The Living space you have a couch based on what we thought would fit in the space. Made little cupboard doors for shoes, storage and cat food. There’s actually a litter box under here for kitty. If you come around this side, we kind of wanted to encourage him to become more of an indoor cat.

The loft We have a queen-size mattress. Brandon has his clothes stored over here. He gets most of his stuff right in this little side area. So if you are a person that has a lot of clothes, there’s plenty of room. I have a ton of clothes and I’m able to fit everything in here but if you didn’t have a lot of stuff you could fit a King size bed in here. Just fine. Got our skylight. I can open this up. So we got a bunch of more storage up here and we do the whole Marie condo method of the folding stuff. It’s pretty simple.  

The kitchen. So we’ve got butcher block countertops. I’ve got a nice deep sink. This was not the standard sink that was recommended at us when we initially bought plans. We wanted a deeper one and this one has been awesome. This is awesome.  

It washes and dries and works great for more storage we did this little open shelving spice rack sort of thing. It kind of just makes the space feel more open.  

The bathroom. So we have a composting toilet. It’s nature’s head. The way it works is it separates the solids and liquids. What we did here is we actually changed it up so that there’s a hole going through the bottom so we don’t have to empty the liquids anymore We dug a hole and there’s like rocks and stuff down there? So it kind of just drains into nature. We’ve got our teeny tiny sink. This is our little shower. Um, in order to maximize space.

This is the front of the house we have our desk area and we spend a lot of time here doing art and business stuff and then you can watch TV usually off of one of these we have some artwork hanging in here.

Tiny house

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