Stunning Tiny House Off-Grid in the Wood

In this episode, we will see a Stunning Tiny House Off-Grid in the Wood

Welcome to the stunning tiny house off-grid in the wood it’s such a beautiful spot to relax surrounded by trees and the sound of nature and the birds singing sound.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is pretty stunning it’s a black tint design with a beautiful glass door and a low window to connect the outside, to the inside.

This is your patio space it’s a perfect spot for this tiny house there is a sun lounger for spending your time in the sun and relaxing.

There is a dining table with some seating options below the cantilever umbrella so you can get your dining in here.

Inside the Tiny House

This is a pretty small tiny house and the first section is your living space you got a beautiful sofa right next to the wall on the right side with some pillows with artwork and a floating shelf.

The Office Loft

This is your office that is located in the loft it is pretty unique and comfortable you can do your work here and you can sleep as well.

The kitchen of the Tiny House

This is your kitchenette space but you got a spacious countertop right here there is a huge and deep sink and then a stovetop with some cabinets underneath.

On this side, is your full-size fridge and some drawer and storage space to store your kitchen utensils.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is the most pretty bathroom ever it’s quite modern there is your full-size shower on the corner with a beautiful shower head.

Right behind this shower is your vanity space you got a beautiful sink and some plants and then your composting toilet.

The Loft Bedroom

This loft is quite spacious there is a king-sized bed right in the middle it’s very comfortable and right behind that is your storage and a floating shelf and then your closet to store your clothes. Tiny house

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