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STUNNING Tiny House Might Be The Nicest Ever Seen

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In the episode, we will see a STUNNING Tiny House Might Be The Nicest Ever seen located in Canada.

This Tiny House was expected to spend about 1500 000 it was a couple of months after the pandemic shut everything down things were delayed things cost more it was another 20 grand which was a surprise but we go the house it’s perfect it was worth it all we can’t wait to show you all the things on the inside.

the kitchen

This is the tiny kitchen on wheels this is the whole reason we decided could go tiny house if you could have a dream kitchen on a tiny scale we were sold and it is by far, and then this kitchen one of the things about the space is all of the windows and all of the natural light that floods this area rarely turn on light until the sun goes down in the house it’s so well lit the skylights above are solar powered one cool thing we love to show off when people come over.

So just you got a new sink make sure you don’t have any casualties when we were planning the space really was waiting so long for it to be completed and was excited and was trying to visualize at a morning is going to be like waking up in the loft.

the bathroom

The bathroom or as I like to call it the tiny spa an absolute must for us in this house was a soaker tub as went to research actual tubs and try to find a small one they were crazy expensive, and in the bathroom have a washer dryer combo it will go straight from wash to dry and the toilet no smell.

The master loft and you have a king-size bed in this space it’s sup-handy to have all of the space, king size we also have all these great cubbies bumping it up that extra little bit gave the added top row that perfectly fit all of the truck hats that we on the trail we do love the skylight above the bed and then the window and match your bedroom it just so happens that king-size pillow case fit the bill all we did here was get for the window little curtain rings and tension rods and hung them up and they happened to be a perfect size.

Tiny house

the living room of the Tiny House

The living room is very bright and beautiful, the space how suddenly works so we had mitch put this great fireplace in for me that was on the top of the list it kicks out a lot of heat and has some little vents here, we have 50 inch TV that swivel out so that we can watch something watch the new while, and you got a sofa and has footrest also we have a hanging chair because we keep seeing them in a tiny house.

Tiny house

the loft of this Tiny House

The loft is the number one requirement when we asked was to make sure we has space to put plants up above the cubbies and the wall divider so we got all kinds of little plants up there that artwork and thing we stay up here most the time when we here.

Tiny house

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